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Conversation of North America

There are many theories that argue for the protection of individual rights of property ownership. The most discussed theory is the natural labor theory of appropriation advanced by John Locke. He argues that when one mixes own labor with nature, then that person automatically enters a relationship with the part of nature where the labor was mixed (Musole 67). This, however, is alive to the restriction that there ought to be good and sufficient property left for others with intentions to exploit. Property, therefore, comes with the combination of labor and natural resources. The classical theory of property announced the condemnation of private property where the government could seize an individual property but only for public purposes and assure compensation for the owner (Musole 47). These theories make sense and are beneficial to individual property owners because they (theories) promote hard work among citizens. They also protect the individual owners of property from exploitation from other individuals and the government.

The concept of comedy and tragedy of the commons states that everyone will eventually lose if they all advance their self-interest with regard to shared limited resources. The tragedy of commons signifies the depletion of shared resources by individuals who act independently and each person looks into own self-interest (Mattei & Andrea 40). The comedy of commons makes the private property rewarding by enabling owners to realize the full value of their investments. This encourages everyone to work hard in the utilization of labor and resources. These conceptions are mutually exclusive because both encourage individuals to work smart and convert their labor and resources into quality output.

Over time, indefinite strangers have used waterways for various economic activities such as transport, fishing, and recreation. This promotes the spirit of capitalism because all individuals want to determine their own destiny at the expense of others.

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