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Common Sense

Common sense is arguable as a status assigned to acts and judgments made by people is based simply on the consensus rule of socially acceptable right and wrong. Common sense tends to lead to a regular approval of the acts of people. On the other hand, science is the systematic accumulation of knowledge based on keen observation, study, and experiments executed to establish the nature of the item in question. Science tries to answer various questions that disturb human beings by determining the causes and effects of issues. It involves individuals trying to figure out issues that affect the society. Science corrects the flaws of nature and cognition to offer the world an unbiased view of reality (Holthoon & Olson, 1987). The difference between the two comes to play when common sense uses the natural intuition to make a judgment, while science uses facts and experiments to come up with a conclusion.


Common science and beliefs tend to have a connection as they both tend to be generally approved by people before being considered right. Unlike science, beliefs do not have to be proved, but as long as they are instilled in the people, they form a part of their culture. Belief and common sense can be easily assumed to be correct without facts to prove it.

Belief perseverance indicates the nature of human beings of deciding to believe in something, keep the belief and rule out any explanation to the contrary. The beliefs we make tend to unconsciously form part of people’s habits, hence it becomes difficult to change the perception of people on the beliefs. This creates an illusion on people, even when the belief is wrong. The nature of human beings to cling to beliefs, even if they are presented with evidence to the contrary, provides a good example of belief perseverance (McGuire, 1990). Belief in perseverance has the nature of preventing honest appraisal of making correct decisions.

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