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Client-Based Marketing Strategy

Avenue Web Media is based in Chicago and is involved in online-marketing and web development for companies.

  1. Objectives and performance measures  

The objectives of the firm are short term goals of a business. They include:

ü  To ensure that clients are thrilled by our products making it possible to reduce client turnover.

ü  To be a site that conveys professionalism, thus, maintaining ethics in the industry.

ü  To be a site that helps your business grow.

ü  To create brand loyalty for its services and products, in addition to creating customer loyalty

 According to Vieira, there are many things that can be used to measure performance. One ought to set at least metrics that ascertain whether the business is running at a profit. The number of orders; the business is able to check daily orders or on a weekly basis. A thousand orders per week show that the business is doing well unlike having the same orders in a year. The number of subscribers; this is an indicator of growing attention for products and services offered by the business.  In addition, the Alexa traffic rank is a rough measure of importance site by showing audience demographics.

  1. Tactics for knowing a customer

The tactics of knowing your customer include:-

ü  The number of orders; a potential customer is one who makes frequent purchases.  Customer who is able to make a repeat purchase.

ü  The number of enquiries; increased enquiries by a person about a given product or service makes one a potential client

  1. Methods for customer interaction

The number of forwards made to a friend or friends increases customer interactions. Social media sharing; the sharing of the site increases interaction because is able to attract more customers to visit the site. The like or rate option; provision of the like or rate option increases customer interaction since their views and comments can improve products and services. The number of reviews; the number of reviews helps the site managers interact with visitors. Through their reviews, suggestions and complains are made about the services being offered. The page views by people (Rose &, 2004). The number of people who do visit the page is a good indicator of customer interaction.

  1. Techniques for conducting an internal assessment

According to Dawson (2012), the number of blog posts by individuals indicates how the business is doing. The site could also experience forum posts about a given service or product idea. The number of people who are willing to participate can help in assessing the site, moreover,  the costs incurred on marketing, media staff payroll and development can be compared over a given time period to check its performance.

  1. Implementation of action plans and strategies

ü  Define your long-term goal. Think of want you want in the long-term. One ought to ask one-self of the long-term goals, ideal lifestyle and so on.

ü  Determine if what you are doing right now will get you to your goal in the future. For instance, the number of customers you would need to accomplish your goal.

ü  Decide whom you want to work with by considering the ideal customers and products and services to offer your clients.

ü  Do what you know. Market services and products which are in alignment with your ideal firm. 

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