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Civic Engagement

I joined two organizations in my institution. I love being involved in matters regarding team work and getting involved in leadership in wherever place I go. The two organizations I joined include Student Advocacy Group and APASL. These two organizations interested me and found it noble to register myself as a member in the two. Student Advocacy Group is a non-profit making organization. This means that it majors mostly at getting things to be done and never focusing the financial benefits from its accomplishments. Students and teachers happened to be facing an extremely serious problem. The textbook prices were so high that most were not able to purchase them and had to resort to using PDFs from the internet. As an organization, we had to come up with an idea to help the suffering students and teachers. The group suggested that faculty write their own textbooks and open educational resources online to save money.


The open educational resources posted resourceslike readers and exercises online. These were found to be more efficient by many and, therefore, as an organization we had to pressure the admission towards accepting the offer we were making. Open resource text books were free or reduced price text books available to be printed out, but of course at a lower cost. We had to reduce the prices drastically so as to benefit the students and teachers since after all; the organization was after benefiting the students and not making a profit. The open resource textbooks utmost goal was to provide additional educational resources for teaching. My contribution was that I passed out a survey for students at De Anza College. We collected over 300 surveys that helped us continue persuade teachers doing this. We also ensured that the issue was published in the newsletter and figured out that some students dropped out as a result of not affording the textbooks. We also pursue our objective of eliminating material fee that pushed teachers to using free PDF version of the book. I also had to contact my speech teacher Russell Hong for a permit to start using a reader instead of hardcopy of the book in his class. APASL stands for Asian Pacific American Student Leadership. The organization tries their best to encourage students to learn more about the culture and issues of the Asian Pacific Islander Community. Its goal is to promote Asian Pacific American Student empowerment and leadership through community involvement. I made sure that I attended their Friday meetings just to feel how they lived as a minority in this society, and how they were treated differently as white or Asian.

I believe the organization’s idea had a lot contribution on the political view. For example since the country was facing a political crisis at the time, it helped relieve the economic stress the country was facing. It did this by contributing to low funds needed for education. The idea also might influence the decisions of the government on whether or not they should continue giving money to school or rather give a definite sum of cash. The quantity channeled to the school would reduce, and the other amount would be channeled to other sectors in the economy. Also passing out of survey may relate to democracy in that every one’s voice would get to be heard before any step taken by the organization.

APASL, on the other hand, relates to politics in that students learning the issues of the community in the institution, they are able to think of solutions facing the people, and when they throw themselves in the political arena, they are able to bring desirable change t the community. Also, after the students learn the community’s culture, they are able to appreciate their diversity. This enables them accommodate each other and, as a result, are able to stay in unity, peace and harmony. This creates stability in the political arena.

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