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Cash: The Autobiography

Cash: The Autobiography is a calm reading that reminisce much of the early life of the iconic Johnny Cash. The honest writer is just illuminating in all parts of the book- recounting his dark days, his darker days, days when he felt most alive, and those days in between. For a meticulous reader, the overall feel of the book resembles much like a box full of memorabilia, studying carefully every piece and smiling as you remember the scenes that represent it. This book is definitely commendable to anyone who is interested in reading a great autobiography. Johnny Cash and his story are worthy of all the time and attention.

The book gives a sneak peak of what happens in the forties, fifties, and the likes. Johnny Cash lived a pretty much crazy life, and he represents bad -ass in real life maybe because he survived hell more than twice. His relationships with his friends, his family, his wife, his second wife, his favorite pills, and most importantly, his music tell us that life is a choice, it can be complex or simple, and it is your call. In fact, everything is a choice. Johnny is a rich man, and for sure he owns plenty of houses, but at the end of the day he opts to walk barefoot at his Tennessee farmhouse. With all the beautiful things surrounding him, the music legend decides to be interested in mundane, ordinary things such as the weather patterns. Instead of him talking how many famous people he drank bourbon with, he strips off the superficialities and gets real. If there is one thing annoying about autobiographies, it is the ability of the book to sound so good to be true it genuinely sounds so pretentious. But Cash: The Autobiography taps our back and tells us face-front that Johnny Cash is a real person with real experiences, success, strengths, downfalls and weaknesses.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing in the life of Johnny Cash apart from his music is his relationship with his wife June Carter. Most modern fairy tales take time to develop, but Johnny already felt his admiration for June. Those who read the book will definitely agree that it is June who influenced Johnny the most. According to the book, his love for his wife is deep and incredible. These days, of quick marriage and quicker divorce, their love story hopes to inspire today’s couples. A relationship that outlasts drug addiction, career downfall, depression, bitterness is truly sacred. They never got tired of each other. They never stopped loving, adoring, believing and respecting each other. Johnny is simply telling the readers that love is the strongest connection between two people.

His affair with amphetamines and pills has always been a problem in his life. His struggle is not uncommon. Like other famous people, they, too have been lured in the dark aroma of illegal substances. Those days, illegal drugs were everywhere, and everybody was using one classification after another. Some have been unlucky that they have lost the battle against drugs. Johnny is lucky because he was able to defeat the demons of his life. For someone like Johnny who had been to many places and experienced hell and heaven alternately, he is not the bitter old man everyone is expecting him to be. Instead, he finds the greater good in everybody and respects every person he meets. This character is admirable especially if that someone has found fame, lost it and found again.  

Through his autobiography, John has been telling his readers that no one can survive the complexities of life alone. If you have God, the loves of your life like family and friends, you can win the battle and be triumphant in the end. Mr. Cash points out in his book that these relationships have sustained him to strive for success and endurance.   

The book is all about living one’s life, living it to the fullest, and making the most out of it without any regrets in the end. Johnny did, and on the way, he had a fair share of music, loss, grief, addiction, love, content, creativity blues, fame, faith and peace.  All in all, he had a fascinating life which some of the readers wish to have.

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