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Can life lessons be learned or taught through sports

This project proposal responds to the research question “can participating in sports benefit an individuals in terms of teaching life lessons?” The ideas of sports building character and assisting individuals learn life skills have been in existence since time in memorial. Thus, this topic is relevant in ways that it tackles a real societal issue with proven effects. The ultimate research seeks to prove that participating in sports assists in building positive life lessons among individuals.


Authors (Dana), (Feldman and Matjasko), (N. Holt), and (Holt, Tink and Mandigo) conducted a number of studies that convey the desirable impacts of participating in sports. Vividly cited are effects such as self-esteem, objective achievement, interpersonal skills, and top academic performance. In general, the studies seem to affirm that individuals, who participate in sports exhibit more positive image, are more likely to engage in teamwork, and have a higher self-esteem than their athletic shy counterparts.

Contrarily, authors (Smolak, Murnen, and Ruble) and (Carlin, Trent and Craig) extend their studies into finding out the possible negative effects associated with sports. Thus, they reveal that historical events have shown that sports participation relates to negative impacts such as substance abuse, aggression, violence, inappropriate role modeling, and rule breaking among others. Indeed, they all seemingly concur that young athletes tend to display aggressive characteristics such as bullying in a bid to seek dominance.

This research paper may conclude with strong evidences that support the thesis statement that “participating in sports assists in building positive life lessons among individuals.” Most adults have had their personal experiences concerning the positive role of sports in shaping lives. Researchers have been conducting studies on the role of sports in developing teamwork, self-esteem, resilience, character and other interpersonal skills.


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