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CleanSweep Tongue Cleaner is a product of BreathRex Company that has specialized in the manufacture of tongue cleaning and other dental products for many years. This product has been endorsed by the famous Vietnamese actressMrs Tang Thanh Ha who asserts that by helping her maintain her dental hygiene, the product has enabled Mrs Tang Thanh Ha improve her interpersonal relations both with members of her family and with the outside world. CleanSweep Tongue Cleaner is an effective tongue cleaning product that cleans the tongue by scrapping away remnants of food particles from the tongue. This is very effective in eliminating bad odor that is usually caused by decomposing food particles that are stuck on the tongue. Mrs Tang Thanh Ha points out some of the features of CleanSweep Tongue cleaner that have made her fall in love with this product including: the simplicity of the product that makes it easy to use, the relative smoothness of the product’s tongue scrapping surfaces that makes it more comfortable to use as compared with other products and the ability of the product to kill harmful bacteria that might be residing on the surface of the tongue causing bad breath. Mrs Tang Thanh Ha points out that these unique features of the product have helped her made her opt for this product as compared to other tongue cleaning products available in the market. This is because she has been able to effectively and comfortably clean her tongue thereby eliminating any risk of bad breath that might arise from unclean tongue. This she asserts has enabled her gain the confidence that she requires to freely interact and communicate with her close family members and her fans thus helping her improve her overall interpersonal relations. For a price of $4.00 only, you too can get a chance to experience the superior quality of CleanSweep Tongue Cleaner and see the changes that this unique product will bring into your life. 

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