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Act of Kindness

People, showing care and consideration, do this all out of kindness. People of various cultures and all the religions treat it as one of the greatest virtues. It was always a proof of the person’s good character and intentions.


The story about the act of kindness I have done took place in a remote park, on the outskirts of my town. It was a late spring evening, although the street lamps were not on yet. I’ve been walking with a few friends of mine, talking about our life, wondering what our future will be. One of the park routes took us to the pet market, where lots of dogs, cats, parrots and other animals were sold daily. It was quite late, and it was closed, but we heard some undistinguishable sounds that obviously belonged to the alive creature. As we came closer, we saw the market gate was closed with a big heavy padlock. Now the sounds could be heard more clearly, and they were coming from behind the gate bars, out of the deep of the market.

My friend gave me a lift, and in a few moments I was already on the other side of the gate. Every minute it was getting darker outside, and unfortunately, I did not have a spotlight. Luckily, one of my friends had an old Nokia phone with a spotlight built-in, which saved us. I went inside the market, trying to follow the screams that were now getting quieter and occurred not so often. I had to go through the entire market before I figured out the source of the weird sounds. Somebody must have left the small kittens on the territory of the market, and now they were mewing, feeling cold, lonely and hungry.

Honestly, I had no idea what to do next. Climbing over the market gate was one thing, but breaching the private property of the small shop was totally against the law. I had a quick word with my friends, and they supported my idea that the kittens had to be rescued. Besides, this pet market did not work on the weekends, so their chances of survival were dropping drastically with every minute we spent on discussing the plan of their rescue. I went for it, pushed by the unanimous support of my friends and my own will to save the little creatures. Since I had no key for the entrance door to the shop, and no tools that could help me entering it, I had no other choice as to reach through the half-open window inside, grab a doorknob and open the shop from the inside. At that moment I realized I was committing a crime, breaking onto the private property of the shop owner. I was feeling that nothing was going to stop from doing what I was going to do. So I stepped inside and found five small flocks of fur. All of them were trying their best to warm themselves up, curling tighter to each other. They were left in a shoe-box, and obviously, the person who did so to them, did not have the intention to return and take care of them the same day. Their former owner doomed the little live beings to certain death. I took them to the gate, handed over to my friends, got myself on the other side of the gate, and we left for our neighborhood. That night the kitties were sleeping in safety, warmth and surely not hungry.

Sometimes people say our society is getting heartless, ignorant to the other’s problems. But how can we expect people to treat other people in a compassionate way, if we are not even able to take proper care of the powerless little animals, who fully depend on us.

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