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U.S. History

The debate over the Constitution is crucial not only to understanding the politics in American society, but it is also extremely relevant today. There are really many advantages for a country having a Constitution. However, there are also some demerits of having the Constitution. The essential step in the advancement of tough federal government in the United States of America, started with creation of the Constitution. People regard the Articles of Confederation as too weak in terms of providing for a good federal government with the powers to rule the state. As a result, the effort to create the US Constitution became a complete mission.

The advantages of having a Constitution may be several. First, it brings about a fair form of the government. The Constitution goes through many processes for it to be passed. The adoption of the Constitution also provides an opportunity to the public to read the draft of it. The public can vote for or against the Constitution. Therefore, the majority of the citizens pass the Constitution (Erin, 56). Citizens vote for the Constitution on the basis of one man one vote. The citizens will only choose a Constitution that will safeguard their welfare.

Secondly, the Constitution creates rules that the government should work on its side. This creates boundaries for the federal laws and state laws. The Constitution defines the role of the government. One of the crucial advantages of having the Constitution is that it defines the powers of the government. This will ensure that people in the government do not misuse their powers for selfish interests. The Constitution alerts the citizens on the limitation of the powers of other people in power. This will ensure that explications of the citizens do not exist, led by people who misuse their powers.

Thirdly, the Constitution contains the Bill of Rights. This outlines the citizens’ freedom and rights. This is part of the Constitution that protects citizens’ rights. Without the Constitution the United States’ citizens would be in the mess. They would not be aware of their rights. They would be exploited unknowingly. The Constitution guarantees protection of the individuals’ rights and freedoms.

Despite of these benefits of having the Constitution, there are some of the disadvantages, too. Once there is an adoption of the Constitution, it is not easy to change its contents. For anything in the Constitution to be passed, it will be sometimes a long tedious process (Johansen and Grinde, 267). It is not easy to amend the Constitution. Therefore, the citizens must always abide to the Constitution even if there is a clause of any law that is harsh.

The Constitution represented a significant development over the Articles of Confederation and should be embraced at all times. After independence, there was a vital need for provision of a common law for the new nation (Blaustein, 76). The Constitution had made it possible. Further, the Constitution created a chief executive of the armed forces. This is the person called the president. This provided the seat with the highest national power. Constitution provides liberties for all Americans.


The Articles of Confederation provided power to the states, while the Constitution gives power to the federal government to control those states. The Constitution represented a sizeable development over the Articles of Confederation. The benefits of the Constitution may include providing a fair government, providing a framework for the people in power and outlining the citizens’ rights and freedoms. However, once the state adopts the Constitution, it is not easy to change its contents. For anything in the Constitution to be passed it will be a long tedious process. It is not easy to amend the Constitution.

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