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Influence of Events

One of the most significant events in the world history was World War 1. Although it took place a century ago, the political changes it brought are easily observed nowadays. This was more than just a war, as it was a first step of creation of the new world.

Since the main battles took place in Europe, it was the part of the world affected by the outcomes of this war at most. The first and probably the most significant change that took place after World War 1 was the destruction of Russian and Austrian empires and ending of the centuries-old reign of the kings and princes. They were replaced by the new countries that emerged according to the historical layout, i.e. the countries that were previously under the rule of the abovementioned empires, regained their independence. The Ottoman Empire collapsed as well, but it did not have as significant meaning as of the two, mentioned above.

The end of war and total demolition of the old lifestyles in a number of countries led to the arousal of numerous political parties, civil movements etc. Many people felt freedom to act the way they wanted and to change their lives in the manner that was most suitable to them. Political freedom in Europe spread around the world, causing numerous riots against the British Empire, as it was still in power, with a number of colonies throughout the world.

All the countries that emerged after the collapse of the empires, followed the principles of democracy to create the new life for their citizens. Only exception was Russia, where communism was fully dominating, without any chances for other political parties to evolve. So by the exception of Russia, all the other countries made a step forward, developing new standards of life, creating or giving the official status to the numerous political parties and having totally new political life.

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