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Example of a Good Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The Method of Anti-Advertisement

These words are the first words that the viewers see on the official website of Greenpeace. The method of anti-advertisement is used here to persuade people to stop buying paper tissues and protect the ancient forest in Canada. This image can influence the consumer behavior of people who care about nature and the environment. However, for those who are not concerned with the problem of deforestation, the image will be useless. People buy Kleenex tissues to blow their noses, clean their hands, or use them for other purposes.

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Nevertheless, looking at this picture, one can see a box full of Kleenex tissues and covered in a special wrapper. The felled stumps are illustrated on the box surface. This image alludes to another social advertisement of Greenpeace, “When a Tree Falls, It Takes Other Lives with It,” created by Serpa Marcello. However, that image does not provide anti-advertising information and is aimed to convince people to stop cutting trees down.

Another similar image that illustrates falling trees is that of Steven Burke, “Poor Little Trees.” Unlike Greenpeace’s anti-advertisement, it is also aimed to stop deforestation. Nevertheless, the claim of all the images is similar - lumbering forests will lead to faster development of global warming and the extinction of millions of animals. If people stop buying Kleenex tissues, they will help to diminish deforestation.

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How to Destroy Canada’s Ancient Boreal Forest, in 3 Easy Steps

The image is painted in just three colors – white, gray, and black. There are different tones of them; however, there is no colorful and bright element in the picture. It may be symbolic - it symbolizes mourning or sadness because of the cut trees. The big white letters attract the viewer’s attention: “How to Destroy Canada’s Ancient Boreal Forest, in 3 Easy Steps: Step 1: Pull out a Kleenex Facial Tissue. Step 2: Put it to Your Nose. Step 3: Blow” (Greenpeace).

First, this message seems to be rude and a little offensive. However, when reading further, one can find tiny letters. Those letters are brief information about the effect of deforestation and the request to stop buying Kleenex tissues. Readers find out that for producing disposable tissues, the Klark-Corporation uses hundreds of thousands of trees daily. The next sentence makes the audience feel pity and shame for the forest: “Every day, the Boreal forest is flushed down the toilet or thrown away by unsuspecting consumers across Europe” (Greenpeace).

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Here, the keyword is unsuspecting, and it underlines the consumers’ ignorance. This word ensures people that they are not aware of the harm they cause to the Boreal forest buying Kleenex tissues. While reading this small message, a bright image appears in my mind – thousands of trees are being cut to produce these tissues. It makes the audience think over whether to stop buying them and help the forest to survive, or continue using the tissues, making more and more harm to the environment. Many people will choose the first option if they care about the environment. The image of stumps helps to make the visual image more persuasive and logically connects text and the picture to make the advertisement more persuasive. This connection may be successful if the audience will be aware of the negative consequences of deforestation.

The next sentence offers an alternative for the corporation by using more recyclable fiber and fewer trees, as well as environmentally friendly cutting operations; the company could stop the devastation of that ancient forest (Greenpeace). The last sentence is written in white color, and it attracts more attention because white is more visible on the gray background. The advertisement style is friendly for the viewers and offensive for the Kimberly-Klark Corporation. Some people would say that anti-advertisement is impolite and immoral, which sometimes is true. However, if they think of all the damage the production of the tissues makes to the forests, they would not be so categorical. The hidden message of the anti-advertisement is to make people stop buying Kleenex tissues unintentionally. It penetrates deeply into sub-consciousness and helps to make the right choice.

The Summary of the Rhetorical Analysis

The general impression of the image is quite controversial. It makes the audience think of the anti-advertisement and its impoliteness. It also helps to understand the importance of trees for the environment. Deforestation ruins places of habitation of billions of its dwellers – animals, birds, insects, plants, etc. If this will not be stopped, the extinction of many species is unavoidable. Besides, the forests diminish global warming’s effect, and without forests, the climate would change faster and faster. The Greenpeace message is aimed to stop people from buying Kleenex tissues.

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However, the hidden aim is to stop deforestation in general. Many people would ponder over this issue and, probably, change their attitude towards the Kleenex manufacturer. The purpose is not to destroy the corporation, but to make it use other, less harmful technologies. If most people would stop buying their tissues, they will, probably, think of such substitution. Of course, some individuals will ignore this anti-advertisement; however, if the target audience is people who care about nature and want to protect the environment, the aim of the picture will be realized. If people start claiming the Klark-Corporation, it will not be able to ignore their claims and, probably, stop destroying the ancient Canadian Boreal forest.

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