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Recovery Process of Drug Addiction

Process Essay Abstract

Recently, drug addiction has become a general social problem that requires a comprehensive study. There are numerous opinions on the solving of this problem and all of them include the recovery process of drug addiction. This work studies the process of recovery step by step and explains how it works and the reasons for implementing these steps.

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Process Essay Body Paragraphs

Drug addiction is a disease caused by the systematic use of substances included in the list of drugs, which manifests itself in the psychic and physical dependence on these substances. Recovery from drug addiction is a complex and time-consuming process of reorientation of a person to a life without the use of psychotropic substances (Kelly & White, 2011).

4 Stages of Drug Treatment

A full course of drug treatment usually includes four stages, the first two of which are specifically medical in nature and the next two engage predominantly psychological and educational measures (Walters, 2014).

1st Stage of Drug Treatment

The first stage is the neutralization of the poison in the body or detoxification.

The purpose of therapeutic measures is to eliminate drug poisoning or withdrawal symptoms from the body. Neutralization includes the following measures:

  1. Removal of the poison that has not yet been assimilated by the body;
  2. Maintenance of the basic life functions, such as circulation, respiration, water-electrolyte balance, etc.;
  3. Removal of poison already assimilated by the body tissues, the use of special measures depending on the nature of the drugs that were taken by the patient.

The fundamental requirement of detoxification deprives the patient of taking drugs by replacing intoxicants with the appropriate medication. Physical dependence usually disappears within one or two weeks of withdrawal. The detoxification process is especially necessary in case of an overdose of the drug taken or the appearance of withdrawal symptoms after stopping taking the intoxicants.

In addition, treatment measures to restore the physical strength of the patient (especially for those exhausted and weakened by prolonged drug use) are implemented during the first stage of treatment. A significant role in this phase of treatment plays pharmacological tools that doctors use to ease withdrawal symptoms, strengthen the body, and prevent dehydration.

2nd Stages of Drug Treatment

The second stage is to eliminate the effects of poisoning: primarily all violations of the functions of internal organs (liver, kidney, lung, etc.), pathological changes in the nervous system, and other disorders. Medical measures during this phase are directed to the treatment of the patient to normalize any changes in their body, as well as to the overall body strengthening.

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3rd Stage of Drug Treatment

The third stage involves appropriate actions to overcome the habit. From a social point of view, chronic drug poisoning of the organism forms a deficient and sick person. Return to normal life for such a person is possible only with the help of serious adjustments using long-term psychotherapy and rehabilitation. The psychological and educational impacts prevail in this phase of treatment. The purpose of these measures is to cause the patient's negative attitude towards narcotic addiction.

This step includes the constant orientation of the interests of the patient and focusing its emotional sphere on the useful occupations. Naturally, it is impossible to implement this step with the help of medicines; therefore, the role of a doctor is reduced, giving way to the predominance of methods of psychologists or psychotherapists.

4th Stage of Drug Treatment

The fourth stage is the social rehabilitation of the patient. The purpose of these activities is a return to normal social life in the relevant medical and educational environment. The therapist should help the patient in the development of new socio-appropriate habits. They should dose new responsibilities depending on the capabilities of the patient. Each completed task gradually regains confidence and belief in them.

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Process Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, the steps of the discussed therapeutic course form a single whole and cannot be separated. Medical interventions should act together with the effects of psychological treatment. In addition to liquidating physical dependence, it is necessary to generate the incentives to a new behavior of the addicted person. Only when a patient sincerely accepts the new healthy system of values, they are close to the final recovery.

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