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The Happiest Day in My Life

Descriptive Essay Introduction

People like creating various thoughts and concepts about their being. Someone simply collects “social stories” with emotional events and someone stands up for his/her own lifestyle without the acceptance of others. Every person has a unique life perception. The ability to think and conceive gives everyone a great opportunity to live according to uniting factors, genealogy, social environment, parental and self-education. Of course, lots of them exist beyond our impact, but we can control our attitude towards events for sure.

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Descriptive Essay Body Paragraphs

Now, I would like to describe one day. Honestly saying, extraordinary things started happening before dawn. My eyes started opening, and I saw a tiny purple bird with an emerald nib that was cheerfully spinning on a windowsill. “Nine forty!”, said the bird, and with my eyes wide-opened, I woke up. I had no special tasks that day, so I decided to follow the bird's message. Besides, it seemed to become a rather exciting adventure to decode a dream's reality. Morning met me with the blessing of freshness, and the clear sky gave me inspiration and enthusiasm. I furiously began to recall everything that had a connection to these numbers in real life.

Buses, dates, codes, addresses, or, maybe, it has some mystery or symbolic meaning? The bird had to be mentioned, too. I was walking through a park looking for numbers and birds that resembled the one in my dream. Nine bushes in a line, forty colorful lights on a park ride, a big nine on the back of a running boy, a lady discussing her fortieth birthday… With hundreds of questions, I left the alley and stumbled. I knew the sight from every park entrance, but that day it changed. There was a big graffiti of a bird on one of the walls! It was purple, with a little nib. Its head was turned to the residential settlement of old blocks. As the Chinese proverb says, a picture is worth ten thousand words (The Phrase Finder); thus, I rushed immediately towards this prompt.

I was deeply hoping to find the exact address, and I was lucky. I came to house number nine and only had to find the fortieth apartment in that small building. As I walked up to the second floor, I saw a door with a big number four and a little picture of the full moon near it. With my heart beating, I knocked wondering what I had to say after that. A tiny old woman with the hair of the moon's color opened the door. I looked at her deep gray eyes and drowned in warmth and compassion. Confused, I briefly told her about my disturbance. She smiled and said that the bird that she painted recently sent her a new friend.

That was the first one of the happiest days in my life. Later, Anna told me a lot about dreams, art, and movies. She told that every life event can give more when you accept it with a kind opened heart and bright mind (just as I followed that weird dream). I helped her around the house, and she taught me how to draw birds that attract interesting people. She died a year after our acquaintance, but I still untangle the clews of our never-ending dialogues, sometimes even in a dream.

Descriptive Essay Conclusion

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get (Forest Gump). The optimistic attitude to your life gives you a lot of possibilities for useful and thrilling being. The main thing is that all our plans can be crashed in a second, but we can turn this misfortune into a fortune only with our acceptance and kind heart.

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