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Patience and Its Power

Definition Essay Introduction

Patience is a smart power that helps overcome problems and difficulties encountered in life. In simple words, patience is a willingness and ability to pay the price for the main prize (the goal). Many well-known personalities recognized that patience is a greater chance to achieve anything, than talent or luck. For example, Albert Einstein said: “It is not because I am so smart, but because I did not leave the problem”, Isaac Newton also said: “If I made any valuable discoveries, it has happened largely because of my patience, then my talent.” Today, the majority of successful people possess this quality (Harned 51).

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Patience is the internal control and protection from any unwanted circumstances. It does not allow destructive emotions, such as irritability, anger, despair, to take control. It allows one to do the right thing and not to fail. This word is defined as persistence, perseverance, endurance, and, in any case, hard work.

Definition Essay Body Paragraphs

The power of patience helps one overcome failures, weaknesses, deviations and avoid violence. Patience is the ability of a person to endure moral and physical trials of life. After mastering the art of patience, a man can conquer the peak (Harned 140). Patience is the ability to use time to obtain the desired result as time is the biggest power in the world. Therefore, patience helps to use time to one’s advantage, and, consequently, it is the biggest of the possible powers of man.

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Patience is good, simply because impatience is bad (Akhtar 97). For example, one stands and waits until the bus comes, and every minute or fewer looks on the road in the hope that it will appear faster. However, it will arrive when according to the schedule and it does not depend on how many times one looks on the road. Consequently, instead of letting anxiety, a manifestation of impatience, take control of a patient person can do something useful.

According to the folk wisdom expressed in proverbs, “With time and patience, the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin.” It is indeed the case. Patience is inherent in each human being because it is the primary law of life. However, some people possess this trait to a greater degree, and some to a fewer one (Akhtar 107; Harned 84). Many people, when they start any business, suddenly face difficulties, forget about their goals, and decide to stop halfway. In this case, patience and hard work allow achieving the desired results.

Patience is the primary quality that people respect - it is the respect for freedom of another choice. It means letting people be what they want to be and not to criticize them for this, and be lenient to their mistakes (Harned 56). Every person makes mistakes and one should always remember this. It is important to develop patience, and try not to be a perfectionist because the world is far from ideal. Simply put, patience is doing duty in a calm state of mind.

Definition Essay Conclusion

Therefore, a patient person successfully fulfills his/her obligations, duties of husband or wife, manager or subordinate and discards all thoughts about failure. If things are done according to the plan or someone makes a mistake, such a person does not fall into hysterics and perceives the situation from a philosophical point of view.

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