Don’t Waste Your Breath by Jack E. White

Critical Analysis Essay Introduction

“Don’t Waste Your Breath” by Jack E. White was published in Time on April 2, 2001. The article’s purpose is to provide organized material that would help understand that fighting for slave reparations in America is a hopeless cause. The author shows why it would be difficult for the government to compensate African-Americans for the suffering their slave ancestors went through. The topic had been widely discussed in the parliament, and the author mentions an article that appeared in newspapers a few days ago that also deals with the subject.


Critical Analysis Essay Body Paragraphs

However, White demonstrates a great concern about David Horowitz’s comments against civil rights. The commentator does not agree with the government’s idea of reparations to the black Americans. The author points out certain figures and accurate data to prove why it would be next to impossible for the country to pay reparations. The author of this paper, however, does not completely agree with Jack E. White since the topic discussed is a just cause worth fighting for.

In the article, the writer also presents Randall Robinson’s view of the problem, who assumes that all African-Americans are supposed to unite and to support the notion so that they can persuade the white people to pay them. He, however, disagrees with this point of view. Jack E. White claims that not all the Africans living in America today were affected by the slave trade. It is, therefore, not easy to identify all the people who suffered from slavery. Jack White does not focus only on the idea of reparations. He mentions the benefits African Americans could receive if they were paid back, but he claims that there are more important problems in the country.

The author had expressed his personal opinions regarding the topic as well as showed the opinions of those who opposed his views. He showed his disbelief in justice and that he did not have faith in good human nature. He listed a few historical events to prove his point of view. Jack E. White did not use sympathetic language, he used facts and cold logic. However, he agrees that the challenges African Americans went through before democracy should not be taken for granted. Funnily, he uses imagery to show how much most Americans are not willing to pay reparations. He tries to appeal to African Americans and to those concerned with the topic and convince them they should not hope for justice and that there are more important things to achieve.

Critical Analysis Essay Conclusion

The author’s work appears to be credible as he uses legal references upon what he supports. Personally, I feel challenged with the idea of reparations as moral uprightness. Africans worked as slaves and helped develop various industries and they have remained poor. I am persuaded that the government should identify a proper way of reparation to help the people upgrade their living standards.

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