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Should Marijuana be Legalized?

Marijuana Argumentative Essay Introduction

Cannabis Sativa or more commonly known as marijuana has been always one of the most popular drugs for many centuries, as it is still grown in many locations in the world. It is mainly known for its psychoactive effect as it has the ability to change mood and consciousness, but some scientists see the advantages of its usage. Thus, this issue has created many debates. The legalization of marijuana should be not allowed within the United States as it would not bring any benefits to the economy and would trigger a bigger expansion of the black market. Marijuana is a ‘commodity’ the sales of which would have a certain economic impact (Gravelle, 2014).

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Marijuana Argumentative Essay Body Paragraphs

Unfortunately, the Senate of Uruguay has approved the law on December 10, which concerns not only the issue related to marijuana legalization but also legal sale and production. This means that, in the first quarter of 2014, the citizens of Uruguay were able to increase the number of marijuana plants up to six operational ones, joined authorized clubs, or legally buy around 40 grams of this drug for their personal use. It costs the same for drug trafficking from Paraguay. This is done purely from the economic point of view to remove traffickers from the market as the local price will be cost-effective, and sales from that will bring profit to the state treasury. The other reason is to decrease the level of crimes related to illegal drug trafficking (H., 2013).

Nevertheless, it dwells on a very serious problem that many societies face today. Let us look at the scenario: what the legalization of marijuana will mean to the economy. Marihuana has an equilibrium price. Once the sale becomes a legal activity, there is a huge possibility that those people who used to farm corn or other things will switch to marijuana production as it is more profitable and has more customers in the market, which means that its supply will rise. If there are no other changes, the price will fall, but this is not happening. There is a direct correlation: if the drug is now legal to be consumed, it can lead to an increase in demand, and the price will be possibly higher due to this reason. Hence, the curve related to marihuana demand and supply would move to the right (Arnold, 2010).

Based on the explanation above, it is clear that legalization creates growing demand and supply, and if marihuana distribution were claimed as an illegal process again, it would lead to the creation of a black market that the government would find hard to combat. However, the price may also increase as it is hard to sell the product now without legal implications. Therefore, this has a direct impact on pricing. Buying and using marihuana, a consumer gets the legal right to use it in public places, in the presence of children, etc. that is not applicable in my view. The issue of growing marijuana officially is likely to turn into a quite serious one as the number of those farmers can drastically increase.

Marijuana Argumentative Essay Conclusion

To conclude, this is important to mention that agricultural branches may suffer as a result of the legalization of marihuana that will hurt the country’s economy. From the legal point of view, this is impossible to have laws that allow legalization in certain states that would comply with the federal level. Politically, it might be not good, as the government is there to protect people, but not to create laws that would favor increases in crimes and diseases. The damaging health effects are beyond any discussions. Thereafter, the legalization of marijuana has a big threat to public health; it will eventually result in higher costs (healthcare industry and people protection) and would not solve the social problems (such as the black market or lower the price).

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