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MBA Admission Essay Introduction

Important Achievement

I have graduated with honors from De La Salle University, in Manila, Philippines in 2002, being awarded with the Student Leadership Award & Valedictory Address. Moreover, I got an award from the Commission on Higher Education, RFM for being among the top ten outstanding students against more than three hundred student leaders; awarded by the Philippine President in recognition of exemplary leadership, superior academic performance, outstanding achievements, and a deep sense of social responsibility and true role model of Filipino Youth.


Many companies have offered me a chance to work for them, but I chose Shell Corporation particularly because of its strong Corporate Social Responsibility. I have worked for Shell Petroleum Corporation, Makati, Philippines for the last nine years, from 2003. My most important achievement has to be my proven record of accomplishments for the period I served in Sales, Marketing and Business Development of Fuel Cards and Petroleum products all over Philippines for a period of more than nine years. I co-led Shell’s Corporate Loyalty Card and delivered 13% growth. I was one of the two commercial fleet senior managers directly reporting to the East Regional Marketing Manager.

Cross-Cultural Communication and Interpersonal Skills

I have excellent cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills gained through engaging with other countries and businesses, taking into account that I have travelled to more than twenty countries.

I directed the Marketing, CVP Implementation, Engagements, Communications and Business Sponsorship, which have led to the successful launch of Global Project Horizon 3, on December 2012. It involved a one-year preparation of local and global project team from the different countries. Philippines was used as the pilot country and benchmark for the new global card system and feature upgrade. It was the first Asian country to use this new card business system followed by Europe.

MBA Admission Essay Body Paragraphs


Being a leader is challenging at times, since one deals with a number of individuals, who have different behaviors on either extremes. As such, one has to decipher the means, in which to carry themselves without appearing biased to a certain group of individuals, and at the same time to do their duties as required. I have had various opportunities to prove my leadership capabilities in my work place.

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These are some of the achievements I have made:

  1. Contributed to regional marketing plan and implementation of prioritized initiatives at Annual budget of 250K USD;
  2. Conceptualized and led a client acquisition campaign with two direct reports, which resulted to 4000 new prospects in 6 months. This was accomplished under a tight budget;
  3. Managed the Philippines Strategy reviews with leadership team and headed the implementation of recommendations including new pricing strategies;
  4. Championed the Global initiatives such as “ First Country” to implement New Customer Strategy; “Pilot in East” & “First Country” (After Pilot UK) to roll out Shell REFUEL MAGAZINE; “First East Country” to launch the new Shell Card Website; and “Only Country” that launched TARGET ONE MILLION together with Retail B2C on 10 May 2012;
  5. Established the “First ever Commercial Fleet Stanchion Poster” at retail sites globally that boosted product awareness;
  6. Built a cohesive partnership with local Retail B2C Marketing Team, which was recognized by Global Commercial Fleet Leadership Team as the only country with solid and successful retail integration;
  7. Collaborated with Global Marketing teams from London, Malaysia, Hongkong, Thailand, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark and Spain to develop and implement projects to improve customer value propositions (CVP), business profitability and opportunities such as List Pricing and Roadside assistance;
  8. Coordinated the first East Commercial Fleet Meeting in Kuala Lumpur with participants from Asia, Oman, Pakistan, Austria and London;
  9. Acted as the Lead country liaison in regional and global engagements for the Shell Card Business;
  10. Implemented the Brand and Communication, Digital Marketing and Road Services global roll out as the East Marketing Lead;
  11. Championed the Customer Service Team as Business Partner and built a ONE TEAM mindset with Order to Cash, Retail and Credits through consistent collaboration, trusted leadership, and regular engagement.

These had a positive impact on the job performance; generally, as high growth was registered and higher profits were obtained at the financial year-end results.

Global Leadership

Global leadership is a situation, where an individual obtains the necessary skills to work in an effective manner in any part of the world. Such an individual must be willing to learn the different cultures and be open to the new challenges and opportunities. I have been to more than 20 countries on business travel. This gives me an advantage, since I already have the required exposure to serve as a global leader.

By studying at IMD, I will have an opportunity to develop more skills that will be used to enhance the short-term goals I have set out to achieve. My long-term career goal is to become the VP Downstream Global Portfolio in Shell, where I will be responsible for leading the execution of Shell’s Downstream and Alternative Energies portfolio restructuring strategy. In this way, I have a tremendous influence in building and promoting Alternative Energies, as the future for Shell and the World.

In order for me to achieve my future role after graduating from Hult, I intend to join Shell London as Global Strategy and Portfolio Manager, focusing on the global search for viable new energy sources and innovative technologies.

My Unique Contributions to the Program

I acknowledge the fact that everyone would like to have an opportunity to study in IDM MBA and that there are limited opportunities, as such I have extensively outlined the distinct characteristics that differentiate me from the rest of the applicants. I believe I have an edge in acquiring an opportunity to join the program.

  • I have a mastery of both Filipino and the English languages, which gives me an edge in that I can communicate and do business in different countries without language barrier being a hindrance;
  • I have acquired various management-training courses in business strategy, project management, finance strategic marketing, professional selling and negotiation. This has assisted me to deliver impressive results during the time I served in sales, marketing and business development of fuels cards and petroleum products all over Philippines;
  • Having travelled to more than twenty countries, I have interacted with different societies gaining cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills, which are essential for a business to perform well;
  • From my proven record of accomplishments from the various leadership positions that have been assigned to me in the past, it is a true manifestation of what is achievable when I undergo this program.

The Most Unexpected Thing That I Have Ever Learned

When I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid, triggered by stress from too much work and bullying, I experienced from one of the staff members. I realized the danger of having hyperthyroid when I had excessive palpitations, couldn’t sleep, and Shell doctor demanded I see Endo Specialist and cancel all my meetings that day. I learnt I could have heart attack and infertility. That’s when I decided to rest and focus on the MBA applications.

When one of the VPs found out I was resigning, she tried to convince me to change my mind, so I told her about my hyperthyroid and bullying. She convinced me to file to Global helpline the harassment report. It angered her that a woman will harass another woman, and she has been known to do that to many people, but no one stepped up and file formal complaint.

Speaking with current student, Paul Gorgonio, and Admissions Director, Marion Renard, I was very excited to discover that I could network with peers of different nationalities and study in 3 out of 6 global campuses. No other MBA Program can allow me to see the world, while studying. Moreover, I am passionate to learn the international business in a global setting from the inside out.

I want to do an MBA in order to broaden my horizon and get ahead of peers, and transition with greater ease into more senior roles and regional/global remit. I have moved up the ladder in my career with the speed that can be expected of a talent in Philippines, but to accelerate it further, an MBA abroad is required. I believe that Hult London will be the perfect fit for me.

Position Sought After Graduation

I resigned from Shell Philippines and will apply to Shell London, where I plan to get the Global Strategy and Portfolio Manager position. I will live in London, the place, where I have always wanted to work and reside. My travel experiences in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia made me realize that there is more out there to learn and discover than Philippines. My last role as Marketing Implementer allowed me to engage other Marketing Managers from various countries. I realized I have competence to deal with them and I have brighter ideas.

I have already been offered some positions after MBA, and possible stint as MBA hired graduate of Shell; especially, I have stellar track record and will get my MBA from Top 20 of FT, where IMD is included. I am interested in alternative or renewable energies. I want to live a life, where I had positive contribution to society, not just corporate work, where I get income and that’s it. With this MBA program, I will be able to achieve this dream by making it a reality.

My long-term career goal is to become the VP Downstream Global Portfolio in Shell, where I will be responsible for leading the execution of Shell’s Downstream and Alternative Energies portfolio restructuring strategy.

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MBA Admission Essay Conclusion

Additional Information

This is a review of my goals and performance appraisal for the years 2004-2013, the nine-year period, within which I have worked in the various capacities at Shell. Some of my achievements as outlined by seniors include:

The 2004 performance appraisal:

  • She was very enthusiastic in learning the product features and benefits of Shell Fleet card and her quick learning process enabled training of the CRT team by herself;
  • She has demonstrated willingness to work extra hours and cooperate with colleagues in other COBs.

From the 2007 appraisal:

  • Her achievement capabilities were clearly shown in her winning the new 3-year contract with Cocochem. Equally important is she has shown persistence in coming up with very competitive sales offers to Wyeth, Hitachi and Nikko Materials.

Some of the colleagues I have worked with had this to say about me:

She has an integrated view of business development and sales. Of equal importance to her is to develop business, serve it, without losing sight of the ultimate purpose of having that sale, that is, it must return to the company as cash. She also has developed that mantra in Sales, that there will always come a time that due to economic variables in business sometimes customer businesses goes sour and that she displayed firmness in adapting a Sun Tzu principle of war, i.e. One step backward, Two steps forward. She always sees the stockholder value in her every proposition/decision.

February 25, 2013, Danny, worked with at Shell.

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