500 Word Essay about Gender Inequality



Recognizing Social Fallacies in Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is one of the urgent social problems. However, sometimes the way it can be explained exactly presents the reason why it is still such a challenging issue. The following examples show how men may interpret this problem using the nine Lauer fallacies.

The fallacy of dramatic instance finds its way in reasoning like this one. “My ex-girlfriend was an awful driver. She steered like crazy, and her crabby parking always made my blood boiling. Take my word for it, they all are the same”.

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The next argument illustrates the fallacy of retrospective determinism. “Let’s face the truth: a woman’s place has always been a kitchen. It’s traditional, and it will always remain this way. Women simply have to deal with it”.

Just like the previous one, the fallacy of misplaced concreteness leads to a deadlock, giving no chance for problem-solving. “Gender inequality is caused by society. Everyone says women shall keep the house and bring up the kids. The society has created the problem and now must reap what it has sown”.

To reveal the fallacy of personal attacks, the following situation can be presented. A man is quarreling with a woman and having run out of his rational arguments, he shouts: “Why the hell shall I listen to the dumb housewife?!”

Together with “blaming the victim”, one may attack the opponent with a widespread myth or stereotype. The fallacy of appeal to prejudice appears in the argument that “every woman is searching for a rich man to sponge on him. For this reason, gender inequality is entirely a women’s fault”.

Regarding the fallacy of circular reasoning, one can find it in the following example. “Women are considered to be weaker sex because they do not even try to place themselves high. It is convenient for them. So why do they complain of gender inequality?”

If trying to give a persuasive argument, one may appeal to authorities. For instance, one claims that the Bible sets gender inequality saying that a woman should obey her man, etc. But if one reads the Bible more thoughtfully, the fallacy of authority will manifest itself.

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The next argument illustrates the fallacy of composition: “Women suffering from domestic violence shall blame themselves. I know a woman who was fed up with such things and finally left her husband. Now she’s happily married to another man. Those females who pretend to be weak and helpless can protect themselves in real”.

Finally, the fallacy of non sequitur may be used to explain gender inequality in the following way. “You shall never rely on a woman as a worker because women often quit their jobs for the housekeeping and their kids. Just look at their rate of turnover! Women are less committed to their jobs for they always stick to their last”.

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