Three Paragraph Essay Sample

What Is an Essay?


The essay is a partly reflexive, partly critical piece of writing called to systematize and generalize knowledge in some specific field of study. When writing an essay, I hold inspiration, credibility, and amplitude of an approach above all other things. Hence, I find meeting the deadline requirements and the capacity to concentrate and stay focused on the most challenging things in the writing process. The writing process itself largely depends on the specificity of the assignment itself.

Client's Review

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Before I start writing, I do a research; mostly, I do it online. After having found the relevant information, I study the sources and take some notes. I scan through the studied information for a couple of times in an attempt to critically evaluate what I have read, and then start writing. I pay a close attention to the formatting requirements. The structure of an essay is important by all means. The classical structure, in other words its main parts, is as follows: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Lastly, I incorporate a thesis statement and the topic sentences into a paper to make sure the ideas are organized in a coherent way.

More Examples of a Good Essay

A good writer is someone who leaves no implied meaning in his/her work. At the same time, I reckon it is important to leave as much personal mental/cognitive space for a reader as possible. Therefore, credibility and use of different approaches to discuss a problem makes a good essay. However, most importantly, a good essay, in my opinion, is the one that provokes the thought.

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