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One Page Essay Example

The Concept of Violence between Intimates

The concept of violence between intimates describes the cases of murders, rapes, or even robberies among others committed by spouses or partners in relationships. It is very difficult to determine and measure the level of violence between intimates since it mostly occurs in private, and the victims do not report such cases to anyone to avoid shame. Thus, very few women reported the cases to the police, and only 10 percent of the victims sought medical treatment.


According to Geffner, Igelman, and Zellner (2014), most of the violence cases between intimates involved attacks from boyfriends or girlfriends who were assaulted. The cases of intimate partner violence have been reported across the world regardless of people’s religion or social status. Violence between intimates has negative health effects including chronic pain and irritable bowel syndrome among others. Increased abuse of women would affect their physical and mental health. Tonry (2000) argued that most victims of intimate partner violence face a high risk of getting sexually transmitted infections or even health complications.

Use of Drugs and Drinking

Violence between inmates could be caused by the use of drugs and drinking. Close to 75 percent of jail inmates convicted for intimate violence had been drinking or using drugs before committing intimate violence. Therefore, the violence between intimates is a major problem in most relationships in society.

Ways to Prevent Battering of Women in the Society

Various ways can be used to prevent the battering of women in society. First, the implementation of empowerment and participatory approaches would help to promote gender equality. The empowerment of women triggers social change helping them to resists any oppression from their husbands. Thus, empowerment strategies would prevent the assault of women in society. Second, home visitation programs are relevant to preventing battering (Tonry, 2000). The programs enhance transparency in most families and reduce the cases of intimate partner violence. Other mechanism includes the reduced access to alcohol and severe punishment to the offenders of intimate violence.

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