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Business Law Case Brief

Kafluk Vaccine from Tamik Inc

Isabel Arnett, the Chief Executive Officer of Tamik, Inc., made a decision of sales extension of a vaccine called Kafluk after revealing its significant negative impact on people’s health. Moreover, the death cases occurred, and the CEO decided that monetary compensation would be the problem solution. Arnett refuses to conduct further research on the potential side effects of the vaccine. The current paper will answer the following questions:

  1. Why did she take such a decision?
  2. What is the ethical aspect of the issue?


For the CEO of the large pharmaceutical company, the process of taking a controversial solution assumes consideration of the number of facts. The mechanism of manufacturing the Kafluk is launched, necessary documents with distributors are signed, Tamik gains profit. What is the most significant, vaccine is needed by a large number of people, because of bird flu threat? It is evident that Arnett cannot cancel all the agreements at once. So, she is looking for a decision regarding the background. She has obtained the CEO position recently and tries to minimize business and income losses for the company (and possible further consequences).

The Case Scenario

The case scenario illustrates the main reasons, which lead to business ethics violence, and they are career and money. Sometimes, it seems that these things are worth more than even a human’s life. A person who adheres to the principles of ethics will not agree with Isabel Arnett’s decision regarding the potential safety concerns of vaccine usage. However, the situations happen in business when holding a high position and leading a company, a manager is still dependent on many facts and events. It may be that the CEO of Tamik did not have what to choose from.

Taking into consideration the fact that Kafluk prevented 50 Asian people who were infected with bird flu from dying and other probable positive effects, it still cannot be evaluated as more significant than the death of six children. The medical products and, especially, vaccines are created with the aim of people’s lives saving, not for killing.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Regarding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Isabel Arnett with her decision wants to support the families that lost their children. She asks them not to divulge the information for panic prevention, which can disturb bird flu vaccination. Her motives seem to be argumentative and not connected directly with the Act’s theses about the bride offering to an official or problems in the area of accounting or finance.

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