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Quentin Tarantino's Film Critique Paper Sample

The Hateful Eight Film Critique Essay Introduction

Quentin Tarantino has been known for his unexpected cinematic vision, gripping plot twists, and magnificent casts. Continuing the race-intense topic started in Django Unchained, Tarantino’s latest film The Hateful Eight is also laced with references to the opposition between the North and the South and racial strain.

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The Hateful Eight Film 2015

Against the wintry landscape, a group of people travels in a carriage, and it soon becomes evident that all of them are very cynical and with low moral principles. Two bounty hunters accidentally meet on their way to Red Rock, Wyoming. Major Marquis Warren transports three dead bodies while John Ruth accompanies the dangerous criminal Daisy Domergue. Later, Chris Mannix joins them claiming that he is Red Rock’s new sheriff. The group decides to wait out a blizzard in a way station owned by Minnie, but they are greeted by a Mexican guy who says Minnie has left, and he works instead of her. There are other travelers in the way station, such as the executioner Oswaldo, the cowboy Joe, and a former Confederate general.

Within the group now are constant tensions and quarrels and several people get killed. Ruth drinks poisoned coffee, and Bob the Mexican gets killed for it; however, the poisoned coffee can also suggest there might be someone else in the hut. Soon the group finds out that there is Daisy’s brother, Jody. It turns out that he, the cowboy, Oswaldo, and the Mexican had come earlier aiming to free Daisy. They had killed all the people and taken their roles. Eventually, all got killed, and only Warren and Mannix, badly wounded, survive against gore, blood, and dead bodies.

Given the film’s title, there are eight protagonists plus Daisy’s brother. In many scenes, the struggle is between whites and blacks. One may regard Tarantino’s film as social commentary because there are visible not only racial tensions but also gender ones. As a western, the film was rather limited in its way to portray a woman, but Tarantino did not stereotype her as a sexual object or as an object at all. Daisy plays an important role, and she gets the fate she has deserved. In the last scene, the episode of Daisy’s death, there are only three persons left: Warren, Mannix, and Daisy. The two gentlemen decide to hang Daisy, and thus, Mannix acts like a sheriff executing a criminal. The camera shows Warren’s and Mannix’s hands excessively covered in blood tugging at the rope.

The camera view changes from the high angle shown from Daisy’s viewpoint to low angle shots showing the blood-covered Daisy’s face distorted with pain. After the men hanged Daisy, her feet are still in the shot lending. It feels like the woman is still present in the scene despite her demise. With a humorous touch, the line of Daisy’s dangling feet is continued with Ruth’s armed chained to her. The last shot in the sequence is given from the high-angle. With Daisy’s feet in the frame, it shows the men reading Lincoln’s letter aloud and falling asleep, probably, eternal due to their blood loss. Tarantino is known for its superb casts. All the actors gave outstanding performances and were very convincing.

The Hateful Eight Film Critique Essay Conclusion

Tarantino’s style involves a lot of blood and violence but, at the same time, the shots are beautiful and stylish. He likes to experiment with film genres and emulate old masters. The heavyweight of Tarantino’s style is in his dialogues, written personally by him, which are usually verbose and about mundane topics. The mixture of excessive violence and elements of other directors’ styles makes Tarantino’s work a truly compelling and captivating example of postmodern work. Personally, I enjoyed the movie and Tarantino’s use of charged topics such as racism and sexism; however, I found it somewhat overlong.

Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is not disappointing in delivering all the features the director is known for such as an abundance of violence taken to such an extreme when the audience begins to enjoy it and dialogue-packed situations. Commenting on racism and gender, Tarantino’s film is a captivating story full of unexpected plot twists and beautiful shots.

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