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TV Movie Critique Essay Example

TV Movie Critique Essay Introduction

The films about prominent historical figures or important events are often made worldwide. However, the interest in this genre has significantly increased since the end of the twentieth century as society has faced new challenges and the reconsideration of its history has become one of the most important goals. The historical films do not always reflect the events exactly as they were due to the peculiarities of cinema production and the necessity to make films more attractive and interesting to a wide audience. Nevertheless, some filmmakers manage to find a perfect balance between entertainment and historical realism. This paper analyzes The Gathering Storm (2002) and its protagonist to evaluate the accuracy of his social background and the influence on the development of Great Britain.


TV Movie Critique Essay Body Paragraphs

This film depicts a difficult moment in European history, specifically Churchill’s political career when the Nazis intensified their preparation for the war. It was high time when a need for Britain to start rearmament should have been addressed. At the beginning of the film, Churchill is at one of the lowest points of his political career. The members of his party do not support him as they do not trust him. The opposition members do not respect him as they believe that a politician of such an age should have already left his career and started to enjoy a quiet life at his country mansion.

However, Churchill is determined to focus Members of Parliament on the issue of the growing threat that is coming from Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister wants to keep peace in spite of everything denying the fact that a war is near, and, thus, he would rather prefer not to interfere in the politics of the Nazis. The film shows Churchill’s attempts to persuade other politicians in the opposite and to protect his country.

The portrayal of Winston Churchill in The Gathering Storm is very realistic and accurate. The filmmakers do not intend to show only positive aspects of his career and philosophy. At the beginning of the film, they cite famous Churchill’s speech where he says that “it is alarming and nauseating to see Mr. Gandhi… now posing as a fakir of a type well-known in the East, striding half-naked up the steps of the viceregal palace” (Pelling 102).

In fact, Churchill appears with psychological problems that he manages to overcome. He speaks about his “black beast” that lives inside him and whom he soothes with the help of painting and support of his wife. At the same time, filmmakers focus on Churchill’s determination to protect his land. It is clear that his love for Britain is great and true. When he explains to his wife why he had bought their house, he mentions that the magnificent view of English hills attracts him and that he would do anything to guard them against the enemies.

Winston Churchill is the central figure of this film, but the directors do not make him a hero that can win without the support of others. They portray Churchill as a very vulnerable old man who cannot achieve his goals without the constant help of his wife and his followers. One of the most positive aspects of this film is that Churchill is not idolized as the leader of the nation who had managed to lead Britain to victory in the Second World War. He is dependent on his wife’s support as it is she who is responsible for keeping the house and settling all their financial problems.

Churchill loves his wife. When she leaves for a long trip to the islands, he begins to be jealous. However, when she returns, Churchill understands that his fears were groundless. Such small details of his life make a very important contribution to the image of the politician. Thus, he becomes sincere and understandable for other people. The directors also stress that individuals, such as Churchill, make every effort to protect their country despite the fact that they might have many problems in their personal life.

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TV Movie Critique Essay Conclusion

Although the film describes only a small part of Churchill’s life before he was appointed as the First Lord of the Admiralty, it helps the audience to understand the contribution of this individual into the process of the Allies winning the Second World War. Obviously, without Churchill, Britain would have not prepared to fight against the Nazis and would have continued its peaceful politics. In this case, the aftermath of Hitler’s attacks on the United Kingdom would have been devastating and the Nazis would have probably gained the decisive victory.

Moreover, Churchill’s impact on British politics encouraged to help the Jews who were methodically oppressed and killed by the Nazi regime. For example, the British Parliament supported the initiative of the Kindertransport, a scheme that allowed to take about 10 thousand Jewish children to Britain and to protect them from the Nazis (Pelling 134). Churchill had changed how people in the United Kingdom perceived the Nazi regime and the atrocities of their politics.

The Gathering Storm is a remarkable historical movie that shows a realistic approach in the depiction of the antebellum events in Europe. The portrayal of Winston Churchill in this film is objective and does not contradict his biography. The film shows that despite some controversial statements, Churchill made safety and harmonious development of Britain his life-long priority. Thus, he should be treated as a great leader in twentieth-century Europe.

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