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Sicko Movie Critique Essay Example



Movie Critique Essay Introduction

However, the remaining population who has medical cover is not any better because insurance companies always manipulate it to the disadvantage of the insured. This level of inefficiency has resulted in the American health care system being ranked 37 out of 191 nations in the world by the World Health Organization even though the USA is a rich nation (Moore, 2007). Therefore, the movie depicts the exploitative nature of insurance companies and laxity on the part of the government in ensuring that Americans have access to affordable health care, which citizens of countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and France enjoy. Therefore, I agree that the issues exposed in Sicko are legitimate, and there is a need for concerted efforts of all stakeholders to improve the health care system.

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Movie Critique Essay Body Paragraph

Insurance companies have capitalized on baseless propaganda originating from politicians opposing comprehensive health insurance coverage to make huge profits (Clark, 2014). Sicko shows that such organizations in the USA believe that the fewer benefits they offer to insured people, the more money they will make (Moore, 2007). For an insurance company to remain profitable, it has to deny patients full benefits of their medical cover and undertake other fraudulent activities to the disadvantage of the insured population (McCarthy, 2014).

Many families have run into bankruptcy because of selling all their assets to pay medical bills. On the contrary, Sicko examines health care systems in other countries like Canada, France, and the United Kingdom, where players in the health sector have cooperated to ensure efficiency in health care provision (Moore, 2007).

For instance, in the United Kingdom, all citizens enjoy a comprehensive publicly funded health care system. Furthermore, national hospitals have employed cashiers, whose duties include paying and covering travel expenses of patients with a low income, which they cannot afford. In France, the government provides a wide range of services like health care, public education until the university level, daycare services, neonatal support, and laundry services for new mothers (Moore, 2007). Clear indication and determination of the role of the government can improve the whole health care system of the country.

To improve the efficiency of the health care system in the United States of America and overcome the challenges outlined in Sicko, I recommend the following measures.

  1. The government should regulate the operations of health insurance companies and prevent them from exploiting the insured population through their fraudulent activities. It should adopt tough legislation and impose penalties on offenders (Clark, 2014).
  2. Secondly, efforts to make health care accessible to many Americans should be put in place.
  3. Thirdly, the government should endeavor to make health care services more affordable by offering cost assistance through health insurance marketplaces (Clark, 2014).
  4. Finally, it should foster cooperation in the private sector and encourage investment in health insurance by foreigners to increase the level of competitiveness of the health care system of America.

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Movie Critique Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, I strongly agree that the movie Sicko clearly highlights challenges facing the health care system of America. However, it is important to note that the Affordable Care Act has managed to address some of the issues highlighted in the film. Above all, the American government should commit itself to this course through legislation and financial support.

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