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Short Horror Movie Room for One More

Film Critique Essay Introduction

The movie Room for One More is a short horror film directed by John Galvin and released in 2015. The screenplay was produced by Christopher S. Lombardi and Mike Magilnick provided the adaptation. The short motion picture was presented by JWI Entertainment Company. The movie is sixteen minutes long. The acting cast includes Frank Beaudry as the main hero named Joseph, Erik C. Bloomquist, Danielle Bonanno, and others. The movie is worth spending sixteen minutes watching. Firstly, the length of the film allows. Secondly, it appears to be extremely interesting and engaging.

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Film Critique Essay Body Paragraphs

The film starts with the main character (Joseph) talking to himself in his car which he has parked in front of the hotel. He tries to persuade himself not to be too nervous about an upcoming job interview. At the hotel, where he stays for one night, Joseph meets one of his close friends in the bar. Joseph tells him that he has lost his previous job and now is extremely scared about the interview. He says: “I am petrified. Everything hinges on tomorrow. I will do anything to get this job”. (Galvin, 5:00 min).

Thus, the movie raises the issue of unemployed and also illustrates the problem of being afraid of failure. The film emphasizes strongly the point that people are usually terrified and worried about an important task ahead of them. To provide an example, the movie illustrates Joseph’s fear of failure. On the other hand, his friend, Mike, suggests that there is no need to worry and be afraid of the future. Worrying and stressing out never help a person to achieve anything but only make things worse. Instead of being terrified Joseph could have controlled his emotions, which would undoubtedly increase his chances of receiving the job.

There are a couple of main themes that appear in the movie and have some philosophical peculiarities. An interesting theme is a Man vs. Himself. As we can clearly see, Joseph not only experiences some internal struggle, he is fiercely fighting with himself. Even the most innocent routine moments have a petrifying effect on him, which increases his anxiety and puts additional psychological pressure. Joseph even sees nightmares while falling asleep before his interview. Because he had a bad dream, he did not even wake up on time. Since neither the atmosphere nor the staff in the hotel was malicious or at least unfriendly, one can conclude that only Joseph’s imagination was his worst enemy.

Another interesting theme is Triumph over Adversity. The main character got fired from his position and was in a very hopeless situation. He had to overcome this issue by finding another job. What is worse for him, his wife was pregnant and he did not even want to tell her about his job problems. However, the way he received the position cannot be described as good luck. At the last minute of the movie, he was able to get out of this unfortunate situation by being hired only after his competitors died in an elevator crash. Nonetheless, Joseph was so overwhelmed with his own terror that he did not actually care very much about the death of his counterparts. Since they were the embodiment of his fears, the crash is symbolic and means releasing things the main character was afraid of.

The quality of the movie is pretty good and everything is clearly presented. The characters act very well, which is not typical for short films, where it is easy to notice that characters are bad actors. Consequently, it is interesting to watch. The moment the movie starts, it sucks audiences into the story. Viewers are eager to know the further development of the plot after the very first line and this feeling does not disappear until the film ends.

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The screenplay is written and presented very well. It is very easy to follow the movie and understand it. The scenes develop very smoothly, without gaps that leave the viewer with the feeling of the movie’s incompleteness. The writer chose and created very realistic characters so the audience instantly connects with Joseph emotionally. They will be empathetic towards him. because he greatly cares about his wife and wants to make things right for himself and his family. He is presented as a genuinely good person in a tough situation and that appeals to viewers very much, making them sympathetic.

After all, Frank Beaudry (Joseph) acts pretty well, although in some moments he slightly overacts his role. At the same time, the direction the movie goes is very well-formed and elaborated, starting from the hotel to the job interview building. The plot is typical for short films: the main actor faces an unfortunate situation and consequently frees himself from it. (Barker, 2015).

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The technique of foreshadowing was very well used in this movie. At the beginning of the film, the audience was introduced to the main issue that was solved only at the end of the film. From the beginning of the movie, viewers realize that there is something relevant from what Joseph said in his car. They become intrigued and interested in the meaning of these words. Because the movie is very short, it is important to engage the audience early at the begging. (Joalland, 2015). Moreover, there are not a lot of dialogues; everything is transferred to the viewer through pictures and sound (Joalland, 2015). It naturally awakens humans’ curiosity and, thus, people could be interested in this movie.

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Film Critique Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, this film has all the right aspects that made it a great movie to watch. It is short, engaging, alerting, and well-filmed. Since it depicts an extremely realistic and probable for everyone's situation, a person would want to see every single moment and then compare Joseph’s behavior to his/hers. In some moments you may see the main actor overacting his role, but it is common for a genre of the short film. After all, the film deserves four solid stars.

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