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Crime Drama Critique Essay Sample

When accusing a person of murder or dealing with crimes, resulting from mental disorders, it is important to investigate what caused the crime and how social workers can prevent it by helping potentially dangerous people to overcome their traumas. Sometimes it is useful to analyze and review the cases, investigated and solved by the police, to be able to draw conclusions and solutions for crime prevention. The cinematography helps us with it because very often it produces movies, based on true stories.

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Aileen Wuornos Female Serial Killer

One of such films is Monster (2003), a crime drama written and directed by Patty Jenkins, starring Charlize Theron, which was chosen for the analysis due to its tragic plot and an unusually typical story of a female serial killer. Aileen Wuornos was a serial killer, convicted of committing 6 murders and executed by lethal injection. The film covers a period of her life when she met an 18-year-old lesbian, who later became the love of her life.

During this period, 1989-1991, killed 7 men. Aileen was a prostitute, an abused child, a raped woman, and a person with a broken soul. Her first murder was actually self-defense, and all the rest were committed because two women, who were constantly moving around the state, could not find a decent job and needed money. Therefore, robbery was the primary reason for murders. However, for Aileen, it was more than that. It was a certain form of revenge for all the terrible things that happened in her life.

A female murderer was caught by the police, convicted, and executed in 2003 for 6 murders, the body of one more victim was never found. The main witness against her was her former lover. It was a huge trauma for Wuornos, who was never a lesbian before, but Selby Wall, a teenager trying to shock her parents by becoming a lesbian, made her feel needed, inspired her to show care and to protect, however, in her own manner (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004).

The film interacts with forensics in the aspect of an endeavor to conduct an investigation, as Aileen’s story was one of the most terrible and touching ones and resulted in cold-blood murders. It also addresses the subject of juvenile offense, female crime, and sexual offense. Aileen was very expressive, her body language and mimics could provide the researcher with much information. Aileen did not regret committing murders at first, but before the execution, she did say that she was sorry. She realized that she was going to die and she accepted this fact.

Crime Drama Written and Directed by Patty Jenkins

Her life story only showed that she was an abused child, born in a family of two teenagers. Her father was accused of sexual abuse of a child and, being diagnosed with schizophrenia, hung himself in a prison cell. Being abandoned by her mother when she was 4, adopted and abused by her grandfather, having a baby when she was 13, and being thrown away from home when she was 14, Aileen was doomed to becoming a highway prostitute. Her fate was determined by her past, and life gave her no chance for social adaptation (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004).

It is interesting that Aileen underwent mental examination many times and was stated to be mentally healthy. She realized what she was doing, she knew about the consequences. During the trial, she offended all present men and claimed that she was a victim herself and that the jury was judging a raped woman. The idea of her mental health can be compromised by a pattern of her behavior, as she had her own strange dignity code and her own morals.

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She did not kill the men that seemed “nice”, and she truly believed that she had to kill the others, those that looked like bad people. It is also interesting that before being executed, Aileen claimed that during interrogations she was beaten and abused by the police and that they knew from the very beginning that she had committed all the crimes, as she was a non-professional, and she had left her traces everywhere. She claimed that the police were following her, but it had done nothing to prevent the crimes. These facts were never investigated.

When Aileen felt love for Selby, she tried to change, to become a better person. She even tried to find a job, but she failed to do it, as nobody needed a prostitute. To my mind, this fact is a point, at which the system fails, because equal opportunities for the pursuit of happiness are only a mirage if a person with a broken life tries to make things better and becomes rejected by society. As a clinical social worker, I would try to help her to find a job and to integrate successfully into society. Through all the film I was wondering why social services did not try to help an abused child, who gave birth to her own child when she was 13. Such difficult teenagers need help, they need to be heard and accepted as they are.

Crime Drama Starring Charlize Theron

The film showed that clinical forensic practice may sometimes fail or be too late to react. It should predict and prevent crime. Moreover, all the analyses and explanations of the reasons for committing the crime should serve the purpose of detecting potential murderers, as sometimes it only takes one rejection or one abuse to make a person a monster. However, all the aspects of the clinical forensic practice were not clearly portrayed in the film, as it is concentrated on telling a tragic story of a woman and not on the forensic details.

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