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Jason Bourne (2016) Movie Critique Paper Example

Movie Critique Paper Introduction

“You know his name.” Yes, the paper considers the life of the man, whose story keeps in tension and excitement millions of people, namely, Jason Bourne, the former CIA agent. This is going to be the fifth (including The Bourne Identity of 1988 – the sixth) film of the Bourne film series. The film, which belongs to the thriller genre, is directed by Paul Greengrass and written by Christopher Rouse and Paul Greengrass.


As expected, the main character is played by Matt Damon, an actor known to the viewer from the legendary Bourne trilogy of 2002-2004-2007. Robert Dewey is the main antagonist, the leader of CIA and the ruler of The Iron Hand program, whose intention is to kill Bourne. Tommy Lee Jones plays this role. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to discuss and give an opinion on the movie Jason Bourne.

Movie Critique Paper Body Paragraphs

This film begins with the stealing of confidential information from the CIA by Nicky Parsons in collaboration with the hacker Christian Dassault. From the data, Nicky gets to know the CIA’s plans about creating a constant people monitoring system. He also gets some information about how Jason Bourne was hooked by the CIA and about the tragic death of his father. Nicky travels to Greece to tell Bourne about this. They meet at Syntagma Square where many people protest against the government. The CIA manages to find their location and to kill Nicky. Bourne goes to Berlin and studies the hacked information. The security system in the files shows CIA Bourne’s location.

Heather Lee, who is the head of the CIA Cyber Ops Division, deletes the files to prevent another leak of information. With having few hints about the situation, Bourne goes to London to meet a former Treadstone, Malcolm Smith. Knowing that he is being watched, Jason avoids Lee. He meets with Smith, who admits that Bourne’s father is the creator of Treadstone and that he was killed under Dewey’s order. Asset, a Blackbriar assassin, kills Smith. Bourne runs away and finds Lee, who sends him to Las Vegas. Dewey is also in Las Vegas, and he plans to meet with Aaron Kalloor, the CEO and founder of the Deep Dream, on the technical convention. Dewey’s intention is to use Deep Dream to continue monitoring people, but he doubts that Kalloor will agree to work in such conditions and decides to kill him.

Bourne appears at the convention and prevents the murder. Dewey tries to distract Jason knowing that his agents are nearby, but Bourne notices that just in time and kills Dewey’s accomplice Jeffers, and at the same time, Lee kills Dewey. The methods of Dewey are convicted; hence, Lee becomes a new leader of the CIA. She offers Bourne to rejoin to their agency. Jason takes the time to think and disappears again.

The film’s theme has not changed: Jason Bourne still keeps running away from the CIA team and continues seeking the truth about himself. The film was not effective in communicating with the viewer because many details from the previous films were revealed in this film. This fact only confuses the viewers. The director couldn’t cope with his objective – to intrigue the viewer; the film is very similar to his previous Bourne-jobs (2004-2007).

Poor acting worsens the situation: the faces of the actors throughout the whole movie are almost unemotional. Among the positive aspects, one might mention that film contains the unique style of performing, action scenes (fights and chasings), and permanent recognizable character. The negative things are bad timing (overextended scenes), lack of new ideas, poor installation, and bad camera work (unnecessary and incoherent scenes). Only special effects (CGI), picturesque settings, and good incidental music can save this film from the total failure.

Movie Critique Paper Conclusion

In conclusion, I would not recommend watching this film, especially if this is the first Bourne-film for you. Jason Bourne hardly differs from its previous parts (mainly The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum) and will probably disappoint even its biggest fans. My rate is 2 out of 5 stars.

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