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Racism and Ethnic Discrimination in the United States

The Conception of Racism and Prejudice

In the process of working on the presented issue, much attention was paid to the conception of racism and prejudice. In the context of the contemporary community, the existence of these terms cannot be neglected. As the situation remains rather dramatic, one must not minimize the importance of the categories under any pretext. Without a doubt, such a state of things engenders a sharp discussion in modern society. Thus, this response is called to analyze the particular features of the public controversies, share my personal experience, and provide a critical overview of the major theoretical assumptions.

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Specifically, racism and ethnic discrimination in the United States remain rather widespread. Therefore, this occurrence affects the different groups of the population. Conventionally, it has deplorable consequences daily (Loy, 1995). As the majority of people experience diverse kinds of racism or other forms of prejudice, the significance of such a racial stratification should be conquered.

From my point of view, the targets of racism feel rather vulnerable, as they lack enough knowledge and support from governmental institutions. Most of them do not guess how to protect their essential human rights. For instance, I have admitted one Latino-American girl that was dismissed by her employee “due to the inappropriate execution of her working obligations.” Besides, she used to do her best and provide only high-quality services in the sphere of restaurant marketing. Unfortunately, she became an object of discrimination owing to the color of her skin. Subsequently, this inequality should be subjected to severe criticism.

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The Context of the Theoretical Framework

In the context of the theoretical framework, the idea of racist thoughts relates completely to the conception of fundamental attribution error. By judging other people in a wrong manner, we lose our humanity, morality, and other important ethical principles (Hooper, Erdogan, Keen, Lawton, & McHugh, 2015). Under any circumstances, the violation of vital human rights is not likely to embed in ordinary practice. Overall, to overcome racism, every citizen is called to develop a passionate attitude towards his/her surroundings.

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