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Ethical Approach

I believe that every person has a personal point of view on ethics and morals. Those principles serve in making better decisions and acts. Each individual is unique, with his/her problems and a system of values, background, genetics, and belonging to an ethnicity. As a result, each person has a unique view of the world and communicational rules. I will try to explain my choice of an ethical approach that matches my lifestyle, namely rights-based ethics, and provide an example of how I used it to solve an ethical dilemma.

The Five Approaches Outlined by Robert Audi

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The five approaches outlined by Robert Audi are:

  1. Utilitarianism.
  2. Rights-Based Ethics.
  3. Kantian Ethics.
  4. Virtue Ethics.
  5. Common-Sense Ethical Pluralism.

Every approach has its logic, and in specific situations, various approaches might be considered as the right ones. In addition, the question of morals and ethics is quite complicated, and we should try to understand other approaches as well since not all people live according to the model of our choice. Because there are as many positions as people on Earth, I understand that every person sees his/her standpoint as the correct one, and I try to respect them. Personally, I try to adhere to the rights-based approach. This approach is based on international human rights standards, and it focuses on the protection and promotion of human rights.

Nowadays, the system of justice is not perfect, and humanity seems to have lost the sense of living justly. I can surely say that in my social circle, where the biggest parts of people I communicate with consist of my peers, there is a big problem with self-identification. Keeping that in mind, I see how most young people are trying to find the reason for living. In this way of self-discovery, people not always can be understood by society, and they may experience aggression and even discrimination because of their views and positions. Such an attitude from other people may negatively affect an individual’s mental health. That is why I prefer to understand others with their unique thoughts and lifestyles.

In my life, I saw many situations when people experienced aggression or abuse because of their views. Seeing that and realizing that there are millions of people who suffer from discrimination just because they are different made me adhere to the rights-based approach. Furthermore, there might be many people who do not understand me as well, and they are still right from their positions. However, it does not mean that my lifestyle is bad since it is comfortable for me. To be clear, the fact that I understand others does not mean that I share the same lifestyle or ideas, but I realize that people can live their lives as they wish and as they see fit. Finally, I think that everybody can live their lives how they want but without harming other individuals by their actions.

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For example, some time ago I have had a friend named Lucie. Lucie and I have met at the age of three. Our houses were situated right next to each other, and our parents were good friends. For the biggest part of my life, we were always sided by side, supporting each other in difficult times. We shared the same interests, had many common friends, and spent much time together. But at the age of 16, I started to notice that some habits of my close friends began to change and became opposite to mine. Later she became so much different from who she had been earlier that I hardly could spend time with her. In such a situation, I had a few choices:

  • to change in the same way as she did;
  • to understand her and let her live her life the way she wanted to;
  • to try to change her habits.

I consider the first and the third options as violence against personal self-identification, so I just let her be who she wanted to be.

These days, the question of human rights remains quite acute. I think we should realize the fact that there are millions of people who suffer from harassment against their constitutional rights and human. People currently build a society that will be passed to future generations. However, the question is how they want this future to look. People should start to care about each other to live in peace and harmony. In my opinion, the answer lies in understanding the importance of adherence to social rights. The rights-based approach to ethics suits the abovementioned purpose

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