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Discussion on Global Warming



Global Warming Discussion

The current impact of global warming presents a lot of challenges to global economic and social development. It is on this ground that a critical analysis of the situation and policies geared towards its mitigation is more critical than ever. In this regard, this paper supports the idea that the emission of black particles into the atmosphere as well as carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming. Therefore, the pollution phenomenon is not overrated but a reality. The impact of global warming due to climate change is a serious threat to human survival.

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Continued emission of carbon into the atmosphere from all corners of the globe increases the carbon footprint that is responsible for the degradation of the ozone layer. Moreover, the use of nonrenewable energy sources is facing a sustained debacle as world crude oil reserves are being exhausted. These two main concerns call for the development of alternative sources of power given the demand for electricity to drive development projects. The adoption of renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, nuclear, and tidal wave energy has been backed by world leaders; for instance, the Kyoto Protocol and the recently held Copenhagen talks. The discourse on environmental challenges; for instance, global warming has not only aroused public debate but also call upon global leadership to show commitment to conserving the environment.

The importance of the discussion on global warming and how to mitigate its negative impact on society is immense. The future weather and climate condition would rely majorly on what pollution measures countries choose to adopt. However, it proves difficult to make the whole world adopt a given course of action. Scientists and environmental experts try to gaze into the future by extrapolating the negative factors associated with environmental degradation coupled with visible trends and forces along a single line (Peter,11). The prediction of the future is alarming, and something needs to be done immediately. The solutions to the negative effect of climate change require a collaborative intervention. In this regard, the global community, as well as the leadership of the United States of America, have a prominent role to play.

As a candidate, then-senator Obama and Biden stipulated a comprehensive climate change program dubbed New Energy for America Plan. He pledged to implement an economy-wide cap and trade program to reduce green gas emissions. He also promised to re-engage the UNFCCC. To follow up on these pledges, the president appointed John Holdren, a strong proponent of environmental conservation, as a science advisor. President Obama sent a memorandum to EPA directing the agency to reconsider the Bush administration’s decision on California waiver on pollution so that the state could regulate carbon dioxide emissions (Jackson, 6). However, President Obama received great opposition majorly from republicans on his wide-cap and trade program, and it was voted down in the senate. This spelled a blow in his quest to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, but he still moves on with other strategies. The objection concerned the plan to have polluters pay for emitting gases in the atmosphere. This stance was seen by Republicans as a move to punish investors yet according to the global warming may be caused by factors other than human action.

Several research studies attribute global warming to the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere thereby destroying the ozone layer (Goldman, 5). Therefore, any strategy to solve this menace should curb the emissions of greenhouse gases and at the same time increase forest cover. This is the solid thinking the president is pursuing on environmental issues. Real environmental conservation calls for the sincere sacrifice of everyone in society. Therefore, if all political leaders can show consensus on environmental problem mitigation plans and support them, it will be a great achievement.

Global warming is a global scourge, which not only poses a threat to human survival but also limits global economic growth and development (Rosenthal, 10). Global warming is a critical problem that should be addressed adequately. All nations must come together in a bid to prevent the menace of global warming. It is prudent to note that, global warming has impacted negatively on economic development across the globe. In this regard, it is important for all nations more specifically the developed world step up their involvement in the fight against global warming. Recently, many countries have experienced the repercussions of global warming. These repercussions include earthquakes, flooding, drought just to name a few. On the other hand, the global environment and weather conditions are at stake.

Scientific studies coupled with observable experience reveal a scary situation of global warming (Salmon, 11). However, countries and the top leadership have not handled the situation with the utmost seriousness. In this regard, the negative impact of global warming is felt by the poorest nations in Africa. Therefore, it will be critical for the rich nations to double their efforts in the fight against global warming. It is on this ground that I suggest that rich nations should pay for too much pollution in the atmosphere. The rich nations such as America, China as well as European nations must come up with a common ground on the best way to tackle the problem of global warming.

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The importance of addressing carbon emission is critical not only in addressing global emission but also in enhancing sustainable development. The survival of humankind is critical, and it is majorly pegged on environmental issues. A well-conserved global environment will not only enhance sustainable development but also give assurance for future life. It is, therefore, prudent for leaders to take an active role in conserving the environment. Environmental conservation is an obligation that should be taken seriously since it touches on human survival. In this regard, like other nations, the United State of America should step up its commitment towards environmental issues such as global warming. This will require leadership that does not only recognize the need to conserve the environment but also understands the negative impact of environmental degradation on life. Global warming is real, and it requires the effort of everybody in all capacities to ensure that life and economic development are guaranteed. In this regard, it is prudent to note that all members of society should take an active role in environmental conservation. This is because sustainable development is anchored in the conservation of the environment. In addition, environmental conservation will go a long way in solving the current challenges of global warming.

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