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Coca-Cola Local Plant’s Foundation Grant

Introduction for Discussion Board Response

The grant that has been chosen is Coca-Cola Local Plant’s Foundation Grant, which amounts to $20,000. It is needed to start a new class at a local high school. This grant seems to be beneficial from the manager’s point of view due to the reasons enumerated below.

First, the class is already formed, and some teachers are willing to work on the initiative and its proper implementation. Thus, the basis for the cooperation already exists. In addition, there is a strong connection between the Coca-Cola Company, the local affiliation, and the community that will take care of the class.

Moreover, the project aims at the development and enhancement of educational opportunities for children, and this topic is rather appealing to the parents and the residents of the community. The purpose of the grant is to improve the well-being of future generations (The Coca-Cola Company, 2013).

Moreover, the creation of the initiative aimed at the civic engagement of children might draw the attention of parents to various issues and encourage them to start similar projects oriented toward pubic good (Satterlee, 2009).

Besides, the management of the project does not require significant efforts on the side of the manager. Yet, certain concerns might arise regarding the evaluation of the final results of the project, which are, however, immaterial. Nevertheless, the manager can present the temporary results of the work and then switch to the presumed outcomes.

Conclusion for Discussion Board Response

In conclusion, the grant proposal seems to be beneficial due to its purpose, the availability of the currently existing basis to start from (the teacher and the class), the connection of the initiative to the local community, and its importance for the development of its members and the region in general.

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