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Can We Know if We Have a Soul?

Introduction for Discussion Board Answer

Many people sincerely hope that their lives will not end after earthly existence and that there is another life "beyond the grave." The very concept of the soul, including its starting point, character, and fate, has for quite a long time been an issue of controversy and heated discussions. Some people believe that there is no soul at all, whereas others defend the position that only a man has a soul, but it ceases to exist when the body dies.

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Some are searching for proof that both humans and animals have a soul and that it will also die when the physical body dies. Empirical evidence provides an understanding of what to believe in and whatnot, but sometimes it is simply impossible to get undeniable facts. This essay explores scientific evidence supporting the existence of such a notion as a soul and investigates whether only people or other living creatures have a soul as well.

According to religious postulates, there is no evidence of the existence of the soul. The doctrine of the soul is a dogma that is not subject to scientific proof. Religion claims that animals have a soul, but of their own kind. The soul of a plant or an animal has its own evolution, evolving in its hierarchy, and the human soul is the highest in this hierarchy as the man is himself.

Undoubtedly, science cannot provide definite answers to questions regarding the existence of the soul because they lie outside the scope of scientific methods. By declining to voice assumptions that the soul is an inconspicuous and unknowable thing, the English scholar John Locke transformed the religious fanatics’ inward light of God into another substance – mind as the theatre of subjective experience (Dyde 2).

If to think that the soul is material, in one way or another it cannot be destroyed, but since the soul is a spiritual principle, it is even less susceptible to destruction. Moreover, it is not subject to destruction and divisibility as it occurs with all material things. Furthermore, even among the numerous studies and experiments conducted on nature, there is no evidence that particles of matter can be destroyed.

Conclusion for Discussion Board Answer

Thus, it can be concluded that the soul exists. It may be called a subtle body, which is a "house" for the individual, the essence of man, his consciousness, memory, or thinking. The soul is not subject to change as compared to the body, and the reasons for destroying and altering the body cannot influence the same way on the soul because the soul is not material. However, there is absolutely no explanation or evidence confirming this fact, even among scientists. Evidently, there are different things, the existence of which still has to be proved.

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