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Blue Velvet by David Lynch

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The AFI website considers Blue Velvet, directed by David Lynch, as one of the best mystery movies ever created. However, this film is difficult to fit within a particular genre framework. Overall, the movie belongs to both mystery and film noir subgenres. At the same time, the picture contains episodes of horror, romance, erotic, and even grotesque manner.

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Goodykoontz and Jacobs (2014) suggest that involving a detective story in a plot of a film is typical for a mystery. Appropriately, the lead character, Jeffrey Beaumont, is a middle-class young man who tries to solve the puzzle of the human ear found in the grass. Even though the movie begins with a body conflict, during the ascending action, the story divides into four plotlines at least. The scholars review other features of mystery, such as misunderstanding between the hero and incompetent law, represented by the character of a detective John Williams in the picture (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014).

Noir Category Film Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet meets the expectations of the noir category as well. According to Goodykoontz and Jacobs (2014), the background of a noir movie reflects the literal meaning of the word ‘noir’ which means ‘black.’ Indeed, all the key scenes of the movie are set in the darkness, on the limited and poorly lit territory. In the study, Naremore (2008) emphasizes that violence is usually presented by ceremonial killing and dark themes in the noir style. For instance, the episodes of sexual perversions, kidnapping, and the scene of the murder in Blue Velvet prove this claim.

Thus, distinction per genre makes films more convenient to evaluate.

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