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Aging in the Illness Trajectory of the Patient

Mapping the Trajectory of the Patient

The illness trajectory of the old woman is still in its acute stage as characterized by her degree of independence and relatively good health. However, with time, the illness will more likely move to its chronic stage, and this will be detrimental to the woman’s health. At her old age, coming down with a nasty cough is easy due to the nature of her immune system. Mapping the trajectory of the patient as well as the patient-centered outcomes are imperative for providing better care. In fact, the illness might reach a point where the cough advances, blood or sputum is produced, and the sleeping patterns are affected (Chang & Johnson, 2014).

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A nurse can be of assistance in the predicament by supporting the old woman in her independence, self-help as well as determination. The ultimate objective would be to help the woman to embrace a normal lifestyle at the slightest stress and suffering. A practitioner would be important because chronic illnesses are serious diseases whose impact undermines the quality of a patient’s life. It is also the prerogative of the nurse to deploy nursing interventions in determining the nature of the patient’s condition. In addition, the nurse can make the old woman feel more informed and relaxed by embracing good communication strategies and skills.

Moreover, it will be equally important to engage the patient and her family members in decisions pertinent to her health status. It is also essential to use medicines that will guarantee effective handling of depression and panic attacks, which are inherent in the old age (Chang & Johnson, 2014). All in all, it is integral to acknowledge that a patient is always an active participant in health care, prevention, and the recuperation process.

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