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Value of Education

Every individual has a great potential that needs to be well nurtured until it yields meaningful results. When the potential of children is not guided, then it can be destructive. Education is thus needed for guiding the potential that is in people as they grow. It is important for their personal career development.   Education is a very significant achievement of a person’s life. It is very useful in helping us achieve goals in our careers and life in totality. Certificates obtained following education have always been a major boost in achieving a successful life. Education is a very important element in the life of any individual in various ways. Initially, education makes it possible for people to do their jobs with high alertness, get good jobs and boost personal production performance along with high quality service delivery.  People will only become an authority in a specific area of profession through education.  This means that education is good for enlightenment and providing different ways of doing things before the most efficient ones can be chosen.

Education brings along very many other benefits. In learning, people get to reach out to other people and learn from them as well. This helps in developing a person more than just being able to get good grades in the exams. Building relationships is a very key element in the corporate world. People can only learn this through education. Thriving in the market requires relations and networking. These relations are important even in the international realm. As people interact at whatever level, personalities are shaped and well prepared to diversify in their area of profession. Education offers a very robust and significant base upon which our careers and personalities are thoroughly built.   

Education helps people not only to be job seekers, but also job creators. When it comes to searching for a job, an educated person will do it confidently. It is so because they are able to demonstrate through a resume their personality first and the education level they acquired. Generally, education gives people a great opportunity to conduct these activities and create a good platform for them to get or create a very good job opportunity. Jobs that need a well educated person as a very useful aspect are increasing on a daily basis. In the past, there was availability of jobs at different levels and without education; some people would still get apprentice jobs.

The present generation is faced with a lot of immense challenges and therefore people should be advised to put together their efforts of securing a job by seeking good education. This is not necessarily a guarantor but is a good move in the right direction. Getting education first offers the right surrounding for personal growth and development in paving the way of thinking and approach to situations in real life. A personal endeavor effort is however needed to add on to the education through individual initiative to know how to relate with others corporately. In most of the jobs in this generation, education is very much necessary along with other individual attributes. To be well versed with job market developments and go further to stand a good chance of excelling in any career, education is very important.

A person without education has limited capabilities. With education, these abilities can be raised to the height of the goals we want to achieve in life. Without education, people will always set goals within their capability. Education opens up a person’s thinking and puts them ahead of competition. Most employers look forward to employees with well rounded and resourceful education so that they may be set in a position to be sure of getting good profits in their companies.  Education creates the first impression of the kind of person the employer is anticipating. When a person is well educated in a given career field, the output will be very efficient and easy.  Therefore, education enlightens all career areas that we do not know initially and this will ultimately perfect any person’s performance. With education, we become industrious and determined to achieve goals in challenging and dynamic environments and after completing education, any person can start a career that will provide for their needs and create an opportunity of having secure retirement. Education enables people to educate others at their area of specialization and through this, production is guaranteed and enhanced. I am confident that education is a source of inspiration to all of us. Therefore, having education cannot be over emphasized since it provides us with the technical knowledge of our individual jobs, promotes performance and boost all of us and with that, career goals will be accomplished. 

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