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Transfer Essay

It is my strong belief that education is limitless and new challenges will always present need to change approach, level and source of knowledge. Out of experience, I have come to learn that better opportunities in life come by when people are enthusiastic and ready to try a new approach to life. However, I have also learnt that each stage in life has to be taken one step at a time. I moved from Colombia to the USA four years ago in search of a major in international business administration. To complement my quest, I realized that it was necessary for me to get acquainted with the culture, trends and language of the U.S. in order to remain relevant. A year later, out of curiosity and need to search for my hopes’ fulfillments, I went to Boston for the first time and found out that international business was a great career to go for in the city.


For the last three years, I have been preparing mentally and resource-wise to achieve my quest via NortheasternUniversity in Boston. In the preparation, I had to attend ThreeRiversCollege to improve my English language. Resource wise, I had to secure a full time job. Over the last three years, I was also searching for confirmation whether Boston was the ideal place to engage in international business career. Over and over, I found out that the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was the perfect place for my career ambitions’ achievement. Considering that it has multiple companies which emphasize their employee's mastery of social skills (for instance, high level of multilingual and cross-cultural knowledge) since the globalization has linked tightly business world and the world as a whole. On the same note, NortheasternUniversity in Boston has a great academic system in place that compliments the diverse fields of business in the city, which can assist in improvement of my personal educational and professional level. I believe, that my transfer to NortheasternUniversity in Boston will facilitate in providing the necessary in-class and out-of class knowledge required for a competent major in international business.

This decision of transferring to an International Program has been something that I have always wanted to do, and, knowing myself, I am confident, I will work hard in order to see my dream becoming true.

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