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Starting New Education Life

What can we accomplish if we do not plan our future career thoroughly? Is it important to focus on achieving our set goals in order to be a successful person in the future? I am one of those people who work hard to reach my goal which is to complete bachelor degree in the USA. I faced several challenges at the beginning of my studies, mostly because I could not speak English fluently when I came to the US.  However, I studied painstakingly to learn English in my first two years, and I tried to speak English as my native language. First, I studied English at four different schools in Washington, DC; later on, I undertook the IELTS program so that I could get receive grades to apply to and enter university. I applied to several universities; finally, I was lucky to be accepted by Shenandoah University. I was rather satisfied because the university had a good reputation in academics; in addition, it was located nor far from my place of residence.

SU is a private medium-sized educational institution. It offers courses which are recognized worldwide. The fact that I came from another country to study in the USA means that I may be unfamiliar with all the preferred and popular courses; thus, this issue needs thorough consideration as I should be careful in the decisions I make. For example, before I came to the US, I had been studying at King Faisl University in my native country for one semester; however, I did not want to obtain my bachelor degree from that university.  I realized that our future career directly depended on what course we took and at what educational establishment we studied.

Moreover, after finishing high school, many students start looking for universities to continue their study; as a result, due to anxiety and lack of information, many of them end up making wrong choices. In my case, when I was looking for a university, I consulted knowledgeable people and employed credible sources to observe and analyze the best universities in the United States. In addition, I took time researching on my course and that is how I chose entering Shenandoah University. Further on, I only became more confident that it was just the educational establishment I was searching for. Graduating SU is instrumental in achieving my set goal since this university offers all the necessary courses and provides me with many advantages.

Quality education is vitally essential in shaping one’s career. Since Shenandoah University offers proper education, I am certain that I made an excellent choice of an educational establishment. In addition, Shenandoah University provides students with a variety of choices to make when choosing major courses; this grants them flexibility and students rarely find difficulties when deciding on majors. Shenandoah University offers major courses which only a few universities in the US offer. For example, I study criminal justice as a major course; most universities do not offer it as a principal subject. 

Furthermore, SU ranks as the fifth university in the US that offers music major courses. Besides these advantages, SU houses a modern well equipped library which provides students with quiet places for studying and conducting research.  Moreover, students may rent or borrow books and CDs from this library. Therefore, Shenandoah University is not only the place where I can study effectively, but it has the capacity to provide me with quality education which I require in order to shape my career.

Do you like spending time in comfortable and cozy places? Personally, I like living in a place that has a lot of green color; it makes me feel free and calm. Shenandoah Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Winchester City and this is where SU is located.  I had been living with my sister in Arlington, VA, until I got accepted into Shenandoah University as a freshman. Then I moved to Winchester so that I could stay close to the university. The location was also suitable since I could visit my sister in Arlington during weekends. Winchester is just ten mile away from Shenandoah University and West Virginia, and it is close to Washington, DC, and Maryland states. This place of residence is rather favorable and convenient for me and I sincerely desire to spend my life in this place.

Everyone has to make a personal choice when it comes to choosing career paths. I made my choice and I hope I will achieve my set goals after graduating university. I take pains to excel in my courses of choice and to show good performance. The fact that I am the one responsible for these choices motivates me greatly. I can firmly claim that I have not made any mistakes by now and I stick to the thought that my decision was a sound one.

 Shenandoah University has changed my life ever since I was admitted. I am more confident and no longer naïve; I have been exposed to the ongoing events in the world through education. I feel lucky to study at the university many people would wish to join. I am proud of the progress I have made since I was admitted to Shenandoah University and I am looking forward to graduating with good grades and skills to enable me achieve my career goal.

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