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Self-Evaluation Memo



Strategy Structure and Development


The reason for which I decided to dedicate my presentation to the problems of disabled people is my personal concern about the issue. I worked as a volunteer at the center for disabled people during the year 2010. I was directly engaged with these people and I fully understand how much they need help and sympathy. My presentation was aimed at encouraging the audience to realize the problems and social barriers, which those who are disabled face in their everyday lives. I also stimulated my listeners to be as hospitable and accommodative as possible in supporting those who really need it and improving lives for the blind.

Having watched the video recording of my presentation, I concluded that my body language needed to be improved. The target audience of my presentation consisting of young adults, it might have been more effective if I employed more movement and used more expressive body language during my presentation. This would have made it more emphatic, engaging, and convincing. The idea would resonate with the audience more efficiently.


When communicating my presentation, I tried to project my voice to be clear and loud enough. However I noticed that due to anxiety and agitation, my voice might have been somewhat trembling, and I stumbled over some words. Consequently, I will try to improve my speaking skills by repeated practice and thorough moral preparation. I will also rehearse my presentation in front of a friend before delivering it to a bigger audience. I believe, a constructive comment coming from a familiar person will help me detect and overcome the drawbacks to my presentation style. It will also help me develop closer contact with the audience and increase my confidence as a speaker.

Visual Aid and QA

To make my presentation more involving and intelligible, I used visual aid represented by a thematic poster with some illustrations, which employed information about my organization. In my opinion, the importance of visual presentation support is hard to overvalued, as it helps to systematize and clarify the information for the audience and captivate their attention.

 A dynamic QA was designed to engage the audience. The phrase “I am ready to take your questions,” with which I ended my presentation presupposed my desire to develop a direct conversation with the audience. Their questions and comments were welcome, and I believe this created a successful resonance with the listeners.


My presentation, though indirect in nature, was constructed to be persuasive and inspiring. I used social proof as means of persuasion and explained that I myself am working for an organization, which helps blind people. Furthermore, I supplied the text of my presentation with rhetorical questions, which was also aimed at making it more convincing. However, when conducting my next presentation, I intend to engage the audience in a question-and-answer session. I believe this strategy will also help communicate and explain the essence of the main issue.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight the importance of a presenter’s speaking skills and command of gestures and mimics, revealed by body language, for the success and effectiveness of the presentation.

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