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Self Awareness Presentation

Self Awareness Presentation

Man as a natural being is an individual who has a particular physical constitution, the type of nervous activity, temperament, dynamic forces of biological needs, affective, and other features. Analyzing myself, I seem to be a leader inclined to take risks. My main features are: I think and act independently, extraordinary; do like non-standard approaches to problems, dynamics, risks, and experiments. All of them are attractive to me, especially in light of the challenges in front of my business needs.


My motivation is the desire for self-development and self-assertion, the interest in the content and process of work. I desire to achieve high results, to do everything as best as possible to improve my skills.

There are several ways of how I handle ambiguity. First, of course, good results are obtained by systematic work on myself. Recently, I use a lot of theoretical and practical literature, where I can find a description of how I can get rid of my excessive excitement, fear in certain social situations. Having dealt with the substance of difficulties, I can try on myself and then purposefully use those patterns of behavior. If this path is not effective for some reason, I use another method - join the group of self-training.

My basic personality is being a leader. I have a desire to lead, which is securely maintained my ability in solving different problems very easily. I am happy to take the reins.

Based on the Myers-Briggs typology, classified on testing of Carl Jung, in 1920, divided the various groups of people on the main archetypes (the set of instincts), depending on the recognition of the behavior of individuals as an innate characteristic. The base of typology (now often use the term "type of mentality" instead of "archetype") is the difference in certain behaviors, a certain set of "functions." My type - ENTJ - The Executives Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging.
Dominant - Extraverted Thinking
Auxiliary - Introverted Intuition
Third - Extraverted Sensing
Submission - Introverted Feeling

I live in a world of possibilities, am focused on my career, and do fit into the corporate world. I constantly monitor my surroundings in search of potential problems that can be solved. As a rule, I see things from a long-term view and am making progress in the development plans in the detected problems, especially problems of corporate character. Normally I am tireless in efforts to work and clearly represent what actually led the organization. In my world, there is no room for error. I can not stand to see the repeated mistakes, do not tolerate incompetence. I must consciously work hard to remember to value other people's opinions and subtle handling of feelings. I have a lot of personal strength and impressiveness (presence), which is the main power that allows them to achieve their goals. Am a very energetic and determined person. Do make decisions quickly and immediately showing my own opinions and decisions of the outside world. On the other hand, have problems with the application of logic to my instincts and will often come to inappropriate conclusions. In this case, I may have brilliant ideas and a full understanding of the situation, but the too weak skill with the available information does not allow me to make appropriate decisions and make my actions consistent. As a rule, I am an extremely energetic person having sufficient means to reach my goals.

I think I am A - type personality -  an ambitious, highly organized person,  honest, ready to help other people. Very good sense of time: am punctual and do not tolerate tardiness and unreliability in others. Sometimes I am called a workaholic. Can be aggressive, nervous in communicating. I tend to pay attention to the smallest details. Good time management – is my strong point, so it is not difficult to organize my day to allow time for rest. But to manage my strong and weak points  I practice meditation under pleasant music for relaxation. 5-10 minutes per day brings me good feelings and relieves stress.

How creative am I? Currently, there are many different methods to find that. For me, I prefer the E.P.Torrance test. He developed the 12 tests, grouped into the verbal, visual, and audio batteries. He preferred not to use the names of their methods, the term "creativity", designating them as the battery on the verbal, visual, and verbal, sound creative thinking. To remove the anxiety and creating a supportive creative atmosphere E.P. Torrance called his technique is not the quizzes and lessons.

Personally, I like his Figure test. This test consists of three subtests. Answers to all the tasks are given in the form of drawings and captions. My result on this test is 61-65 - slightly above normal.

Creativity (from lat. Creatio - creation) - the creative ability of the individual, characterized by a willingness to produce fundamentally new ideas and talent within the structure as an independent factor. According to E.P. Torrance, creativity involves sensitivity to the problems of shortage or contradictory knowledge, action, by definition, these problems, to find solutions based on forming hypotheses, to test hypotheses and change, to formulate solutions result. To assess creativity, various tests of divergent thinking, personality questionnaires, analysis of effectiveness. To facilitate the development of creative thinking can be learning situations, which are characterized by incomplete or open to the integration of new elements, and the students are encouraged to formulate a set of questions.

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