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Reasons to Study English in the United States


Our world is becoming a society of neighbors. Communication with the neighbors may be both satisfying and advantageous. Investing in the study of English in the USA is an amazing way to enhance the skills and advance the future career. So, about 100,000 students come to study English in USA every year. When they study, they benefit from an entire cultural and language engagement, which is the natural outcome of living in the United States.

Thesis statement: international students study English in the USA due to the chance to enhance English skills, excellent job opportunities, and cultural exchange. Students value the opportunity to enhance English skills rapidly and easily, they obtain the necessary academic experience required to compete in the international economy and esteem the English speaking environment combined with the interaction with people from all possible nations and dissimilar cultures.

Enhancement of the English Skills

Learning or, maybe, enhancing English skills is the major ground for many students to go abroad. Definitely, being surrounded by English and utilizing it on a daily basis may be a perfect and quite simple method to develop language skills. English is the current language of business, and if a person wishes to be successful in the future career, he or she has to speak it well.

Job Opportunities

Earning a degree from a US university provides a student with the broad academic experience required to compete in the international economy. HR managers esteem the international experience highly, as these candidates are recognized as independent, flexible and problem solvers. Having spent several years in the USA will definitely provide a student with a competitive advantage over the rivals in the job market. And when people complete the degree, they are allowed to work for a year in a related sphere to obtain practical knowledge. Many gifted students are employed as the enduring workers after the Optional Practical Training Employment Authorization, by achieving an H1B work visa support from the employers. Employees may carry on working without leaving the country after the F1- H1B status alteration authorization.

Cultural Exchange

Aside from the education, international students get deepen into the English speaking environment and get to interact with people from all possible nations and dissimilar cultures. This shapes them to a vast extent and allows become world-class specialists when they complete the education. Due to a large number of international students studying in the USA, people will have chances to deal with concepts from dissimilar races. This will assist people in sharing thoughts and ideas concerning other cultures and customs.


This paper demonstrates that many international students study English in the USA due to the opportunity to improve English skills, cultural exchange, and ideal employment opportunities. People value the chance to develop English skills quickly and simply, they accomplish the necessary academic experience needed to compete in the worldwide economy and esteem the English speaking atmosphere in interaction with humans from all possible countries and dissimilar cultures.

The USA provides some of international finest higher education, particularly in the sphere of technology. American degrees are accepted all over the globe and are considered to be among the finest. So, it is not a surprise that many international students are so much attracted by studying English in the USA. 

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