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Real World

Schools and colleges provide with skills and knowledge people need to live in the real world. However, graduation from college does not presuppose young people know how to become a successful person in the real life.

Adult people usually think that school does not offer all the necessary information for young people to survive in the real world. Yes, usually schools do not teach students how to cope with some simple but at the same time important tasks. For instance, teachers do not clarify to their students the essence of credit card offers. Nevertheless, I know for sure that schools teach their students the basics of communication, decision making, networking and also time management.

From my point of view, any school is like a small society, where people play different roles. They are learning to cooperate with each other and donning the roles of leaders or at least successful team players. These skills are vital for the real world. I believe this is especially useful for people, who have no siblings as it is in school where they can learn to share and to communicate with people born in the same year.  

I also think that the schooling at the Cal Poly Pomona is assisting in my personality’s evolvement. I feel more confident and think that I am capable for much more things than I used to be. Also, Cal Poly Pomona teaches the students to analyze the information, to solve dissimilar problems and to practice the critical thinking. At the same time I can practice my English, so that people could understand me better and I was not afraid to communicate to the native speakers. Furthermore, the internships opportunity allows students to obtain additional experience during this job. All these possibilities help students to adapt to the real world faster and better.

To sum up, college can teach young people the basic skills they require to start their adult life. And everything else depends on students themselves. Even if people always get the finest grades, it does not mean they can quickly adapt to the real world. 

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