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Motivating Teachers

The teaching profession is indeed the most challenging job. This is because the welfare of the students lies on the hands of the teacher. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teacher to instill the required knowledge in them. It is the effort of the teacher not only to educate children but prepare the future leaders. Education should emphasize on developing and broadening the intellects of critical thinking skills of students . This requires a motivated teacher to deliver in performance.

Just like other spheres, technology plays a vital role in the field of education. Educational technology is the mechanism utilized by tutors to connect to students, as opposed to the traditional face to face mode of learning. As a result of technology, the teachers should be facilitated with training on new technologies that can be used to enhance learning.

In the realm of education planning, it is imperative for teachers to be concerned about the content of learning that students need, and how it should be passed on to them. When developing their curriculum, most schools always adopt either the subject-centered, student-centered approach or both. Either of these approaches has an impact on instructional planning.

In the student-centered curriculum approach, students have the freedom to learn by using their own creativity for expression in the learning process (Moore, 2005). This approach focuses on the learner and includes numerous activities outside the classroom. In this approach teachers are motivated to use outside activities to discover the real abilities of students. However, in this approach, the teacher solely determines what the students need, and this forms the basis of instructional planning.

When planning the curriculum and developing  teaching resources for students, it is imperative for teachers to maintain equilibrium between the subject-centered and student-centered designs. This will help the teacher to consider the differences among the students and adapt an effective learning style.

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