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College Graduates

Modern world requires college graduates to be ready to everything, especially if they are going to become strong business players or executives. In order to reach the top of the world business ranks, we should be prepared. This is one of the key reasons I decided to apply for the degree in Business Technology Management at RyersonUniversity.

There are a lot of business schools all over Canada and the USA. The reason I chose to apply to the TedRogersManagementSchool is its dedication to all the students studying at it. I believe I will get a better understanding not only of the general business concepts, but the proper vision of the nowadays world business perspectives. Moreover, this is the largest establishment in the country allowing to obtain a business management degree in the best studying conditions possible. So far as the majority of the School faculty holds Ph.D.s, I believe nobody will argue that studying under the mentoring of such experienced professionals would be a good start for a young graduate. Besides, TedRogersManagementSchool helps its students to enrich their practical experience by studying abroad during all, but the first years of education. A good thing is that the faculty holds the knowledge about the business all over the world, i.e. I will benefit as a student learning about the way business is run worldwide. I appreciate the possibility of choosing from 8 different majors available at the TedRogersManagementSchool. I will not be limited to a single option or two as it happens in a lot of different management schools around the country. I believe I will become one of the most prominent students in my course and will be eligible to get an opportunity to start working in a good position directly related to my future career.

Another point of interest making me choose RyersonUniversity is its geographical location. Toronto is a city of great opportunities for the young people to start their career as a professional. Studying in the atmosphere of world-known businesses surrounding you provides a great opportunity to engage into the business world before the graduation. Firms are often looking for good students during their last years of school, since it is better for them to raise a professional not from the scratch, but having a great study basis as the one provided by TedRogersManagementSchool. So, this way, a graduate gets the double advantage of getting a degree at RyersonUniversity and an opportunity to realize the potential of a future employee in one of the world’s largest businesses presented in downtown area, Toronto.  Such location brings everything altogether: good possibility to study, inspiration and the opportunity to succeed in the development of career. I believe that personal approach to the students is another great advantage of TedRogersManagementSchool. Since most classes are close to personal and have little number of people involved, all the undergraduates get their own portion of unique knowledge brought by the experienced faculty. 

I started thinking about a business career long time ago since my parents have their own company, which they were really proud of as they created it on their own. I had all the possible involvement into the family business possible at first hand. All the years of observing the way our family business was run turned me into the business stream of my own. I took a firm decision to become a successful manager despite whether I will become a successful employee in the world acknowledged enterprise or eventually start a small company of my own. What really matters is the dedication to the deal the person is interested in and full involvement in it.

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