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Recruitment of New Staff to Expand Business Operations



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Business Research of the Recruitment of New Staff


Recruitment of employees is the process through which an organization acquires new employees. The process includes the processes by which people are attracted to apply to fill in the available vacancies, out of which suitable candidates are selected and placed to the job(s). Every time vacancies appear either by the creation of new positions or when existing ones fall vacant, they have to be filled. However, not all people the organization comes across, qualify to fill the positions. The positions have to be filled by individuals who are competent for good results to be realized. Therefore, as the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) in a sales and marketing company, I would ensure that the right people are recruited to fill positions created by opening a new office in another state.

Steps to Be Taken in the Recruitment of Staff in the New Office

Before the recruitment of staff in the new office, Dowling, Festing, and Engle (2010) recommend that the CHRO must first determine the positions that have to be filled. Some of the positions that would be more involving to find the right candidates in a new branch of a marketing company include the branch manager, a finance officer, and a branch sales manager. Other positions that would be available include salespersons, security personnel, secretaries, receptionists, and cleaners among others.

Having determined the type of personnel needed, I would develop a list of the tasks each one of them will be performing. The list of tasks will help me as the CHRO to determine the skills that the person will need and the competencies that the different personnel should possess. With all these in place, I would proceed to set the results that are expected for the business and thus from the personnel to be recruited in the new office.

To finalize the preparations for recruitment, Dowling, Festing, and Engle (2010) insist that the responsible manager must revisit the legal statutes that affect the selection and hiring of employees. As the CHRO, it is my responsibility to ensure that the organization is compliant with its obligations as an employer. First, I will determine the type of employment under which each position falls. It should be noted that employees could serve as casual laborers, part-timers, on a contract basis, and as full-time employees.

Based on the recommendations of the legal statutes, the employment type, and the level of skill required for each of the listed vacancies, together with my team from the Human Resource Department we will determine the payment rates for each staff to be recruited. A good understanding of occupational health and safety also comes in handy in providing the proper employment conditions. These are the main requirements that I will have to ensure the organization complies with.

However, Heneman, Judge, and Kammeyer-Mueller (2007) argue that apart from the above mandatory requirements that the organization will have to comply with, any other legal requirements should be observed. One such legal requirement is the employee benefits security which is regulated under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). To comply with the requirements of the ERISA, I will come up with a welfare benefit plan and disclose it to the Employee Benefits Security Administration when it will be required.

The employee benefits security plan that I would develop will give an outline of the sendoff packages the staff will be entitled to. I would also develop a workers’ compensation scheme that would protect the employees to be recruited while on duty. Keeping in mind that a marketing company has to employ staff who travels around the world as they perform their duties, their safety has to be guaranteed. Therefore, it will be mandatory to have in place a worker’s compensation scheme to protect all the employees.

Having cleared all preparations, including fulfilling all the legal requirements, I will then embark on the recruitment process. I would start by advertising the available positions. For the top positions of a branch manager, branch sales manager, and finance officer, I would communicate the vacancies through the national newspaper and the web. Given that the top positions are of utmost importance to the organization and play a crucial role in determining the success of the new branch, I will also engage recruitment consultants. Recruitment consultants may have candidates in their databases whose suitability has been proven, making it easier to find the right individuals for the positions.

Furthermore, recruitment consultants may also help in headhunting for staff if other recruitment efforts fail. As for the junior positions of salespersons, security personnel, secretaries, I would communicate the job vacancies through local newspapers and job search centers. The use of the local newspapers to advertise the junior position is based on the idea that the positions are likely to attract applicants from within the state, where the new office will be opened.

In designing the advertisements for the positions that need to be filled, Baron and Kreps (2009) emphasize that the manager in charge should ensure that all the relevant information is captured. In the determination of the number and type of staff required, job analyses will be done. The abilities, knowledge, skills and all relevant personal characteristics required will be known and, therefore, they will be captured in the adverts. The organization will advertise for the position of one branch manager. The branch manager will be charged with the responsibilities of assigning and giving directions on all work that will be performed in the new office.

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He/she will supervise and manage staff to ensure proper operations in the new branch. As far as the personal characteristics of the required individual are concerned, the person should be committed to overseeing the success and consequent expansion of the new office by increasing productivity. The required qualifications for the position of branch manager will be as follows: at least 10 years of experience in branch management, knowledge of modern techniques in management, good organizational skills, leadership skills, and at least a Master in Business Administration or related field.

The job qualifications and job specifications for the other senior staff will also be captured. Based on Rowley and Jackson's (2010) analysis, the branch sales manager’s position will be filled by one person who will be charged with the responsibilities of assessing the local market conditions and identifying potential sales opportunities for all the products offered by the organization. He/ she will identify areas that require improvement and possibly suggest corrective measures. He/ she will also address issues related to employee satisfaction and stay informed of competitors' actions and operations.

The applicant should have at least a Bachelor's Degree in Sales and Marketing. He/ she should have at least eight years of experience in a similar position. The branch sales manager will be assisted by one assistant sales manager with similar qualifications but at least three years of experience in a similar position. The branch’s finance officer position will also require one person. The person in this position will be charged with the responsibilities of appropriate budget management and funds allocation. The candidate should be honest and committed. He/ she should be equipped with techniques in modern financial management and have at least eight years of working experience in a similar position. The branch finance officer will be assisted by two assistants with similar qualifications but with at least three years of working experience.

Job advertisements for junior positions will also capture the job descriptions and job specifications. The ten salespersons that the organization will need should have at least diplomas in sales and marketing with at least 2 years of working experience. The salespersons will be charged with the responsibility of selling the organization's products. They should be hardworking and committed. They should also be outgoing and possess excellent communication skills to be able to convince customers. The organization will need ten security personnel.

The security personnel must have high school certificates and must have undergone security training in recognized institutions. They must have at least two years of working experience and should be ready to work either during the day or at night, as they will be called upon. The organization will also require three secretaries in the new branch. Applicants for the position of secretary should have excellent communication skills. They should be good at general office work, including maintaining organizational documents. They should have at least a Diploma in Secretarial plus at least two years of working experience in a reputable organization.

After the job vacancies have been advertised, the organization will give the applicants time to tender in their applications for the jobs. Upon the expiry of the application period, the screening will be done. This process will start with the screening of the curriculum vitae of all the applicants. Those who would meet all the requirements for the specific job vacancies, they would have applied for will be contacted and summoned for further screening. However, Werner (2011) notes that the applicants’ curriculum vitae may not capture all information about the applicants’ background.

Therefore, the applicants will be required to present biographical information blanks which enable the organization to get more information about their potential employees’ backgrounds. All the applicants will have to go through interviews. The advantage of taking all applicants through interviews is that the process will enable the interviewing panel to recognize leadership and interpersonal skills. However, since applicants’ presentations during interviews may mislead the panel, as the CHRO, I will incorporate integrity and ability tests.

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The ability tests will focus to test each applicant’s ability to fit in the positions they will be seeking. The ability tests will test the applicants’ general ability in the following areas: adapting to new situations, analyzing and understanding situations, and problem-solving. This will mainly target salespersons. Through the ability test, psychomotor and cognitive abilities will be tested. This will seek to test applicants’ abstract reasoning, problem-solving in complex situations, and analytical reasoning. This mainly applies to the positions of branch manager, sales manager, and finance officer.

The advantage of the ability test is that it will help to show the applicants' presentation in real situations and can also help select the most suitable individuals. However, it can also mislead because the applicants might not transfer the same to real jobs. Integrity tests will also be administered. It should be noted that the honesty of employees in an organization, more so a sales and marketing company, is important. Background checks will be used to assess applicants' behavior. The integrity and ability tests will be accompanied by drug tests for all applicants.


After the screening process and interviews, the interviewing panel will assess the presentation and performance of each applicant who would have turned up for the process. The applicants who will be dimmed fit to fill the positions available in the new office will be selected. The successful applicants will be contacted and offered the jobs with all the terms and conditions of service. Once the selected candidates report assuming duty, they will sign the specific contracts after which they will be taken through the orientation. During the orientation program, a staff manual will be developed and given to the new employees. The staff manual will help the new employees to know how the new office will be run and what will be expected of them. The new employees will then be placed in specific areas of work.

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