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The Big-Austin Company Business Investment



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The Big-Austin Company Business Investment


The BiG AUSTIN organization is involved in the provision of entrepreneurial solutions and training to different upcoming small business ventures. The organization is located in Austin, Texas, the United States of America. It provides small businesses with business counseling services that are aimed at meeting their needs in the different industries of their operations. Also, it provides different types of loans to small businesses in a flexible manner with easy repayment terms (BiG AUSTIN, 2014).

The types of people who work at the BiG AUSTIN organization apart from the permanent management staff include volunteers, seminars and workshop teachers, business counselors, and instructors among others. It is a registered non-profit organization that operates within the United States and is governed by a board of directors. Under the board of directors, numerous management groups oversee daily activities and operations of the organization in fulfilling its aims and objectives. The management is headed by an executive director, Women’s Business Center director, and several other managers (BiG AUSTIN, 2014).

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The BiG AUSTIN Company Analysis

The BiG AUSTIN organization has several different programs that it formulates and implements. The organization has programs that provide training workshops as well as courses to emerging or already operating entrepreneurs. Subsequently, it is involved in the provision of comprehensive programs for purposes of business counseling to different individuals and small businesses, as well as programs to improve the business management skills of various small businesses.

The main clients of the BiG AUSTIN organization are small businesses and groups that are venturing into entrepreneurship. Also, it provides services to existing entrepreneurs who require more comprehensive entrepreneurial training and business management skills to expand their respective business ventures.

Historic Information

The BiG AUSTIN organization was founded in 1992 in Austin. The organization acquired a non-profit status in 1995 starting independent operations a year later. It was established to eliminate different barriers encountered by various individuals and groups who wanted to establish small businesses. Thus, the organization targets individuals and groups who have lower and moderate levels of income.

Structure of the Organization

The BiG AUSTIN organization has a functional form of structure, whereby the board of directors allocates various tasks to different departments of the organization. Furthermore, the management ensures the supervision of the volunteers and other staff, as well as the coordination of different activities, operations, and tasks carried out by the organization. The board of directors varies intensively from corporate executive leaders to banking executives, various managing directors of different organizations, and commercial and corporate law executives among others.

There are different levels of authority in the organization including the board of directors, management, department heads, and general staff. Some of the jobs people hold within BiG AUSTIN include volunteer instructors, seminar and workshop organizers, entrepreneurship trainers, and business counselors.

The BiG AUSTIN organization offers different programs and initiatives aimed at helping small businesses to successfully establish themselves. Interested individuals and groups register for some of these programs, such as entrepreneurial training, or inquire for the help of the business counselors. BiG AUSTIN requires a special license to operate as a non-profit organization in the state of Texas, the United States.

In central Texas, the organization is the only one mandated by the U.S Small Business Administration to offer services related to lending micro-loans to different small businesses. Most of its instructors and technical staff require special experience in entrepreneurship and business management areas of study. The management of the organization as well as the board of directors is responsible for the decision-making process in the organization regarding different initiatives and programs. The management makes most of the decisions consulting with the staff and other key stakeholders.

The firm receives its funding from the financial contributions of the corporations, foundations, generous individuals and groups, as well as the federal government of Texas. Also, the organization has several partners and sponsors. The BiG AUSTIN organization supplies over 1300 small local businesses with over $6.5 million annually (BiG AUSTIN, 2014).

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Organizational Relationships

The organization provides outreach for its clients in different ways that may include advertisements of its upcoming programs, training workshops, and entrepreneurial seminars. Significantly, it also works with other organizations such as the Texas Transport Department, National Discount Merchant Services, Austin Wealth Specialists, and The Entrepreneur’s Source among others in fulfilling its mission and vision.

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