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Business Excellence Models



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Example of Company Research Paper Abstract

Business excellence models are special techniques that are adopted by business organizations to reach the set goals of the company. The Mesa Company in the US is among the companies that performed well in the year 2006 to 2012. It is noted that the company applied for the MBNQA business model, after which it became the leading company in terms of excellent performance.

This project seeks to explain the application of business models that have led to the progress of numerous companies in the world. This paper will focus on the international quality awards that led to the progress of the Mesa Company. The activities that were used to obtain the achievement of this company will be discussed. The challenges of this company will also be discussed, as well as the solutions that could be adopted by the company to advance to higher standards.

Example of Company Research Paper Introduction

It is the goal of every business to excel in its activities. Business excellence models have been used by numerous companies to provide a framework that facilitates collaboration, cooperation, and creativity that will lead to the achievement of the company’s objectives. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) is an international business tool that is adversely applied by organizations in the US to provide a holistic view of their organization (Blazey, 2009).

This model is also used to determine the diverse methods of operation that are used by organizations and how they complement each other. The use of this model depends on the requirements and functions of the organization, which overarch the framework for increasing sustainable excellence. MBNQA is also used by organizations to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and improve their level of competitiveness in the competitive market (Hardjono & van Marrewijk, 2001).

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Alternatively, this model is usually presented by the US president to the organizations that demonstrate excellent and quality performance. The awards are offered in six categories which include; manufacturing, education, Service Company, small company, nonprofit, and healthcare. Organizations that apply for this award are judged by a proponent quality management that constitutes the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Hardjono, & van Marrewijk, 2001).

They are also examined by an independent board of examiners depending on their improvement and achievement in seven years. This type of model has been applied by numerous companies in the US, some of which are private while others are public. Mesa Products Inc. is a company that benefited from the MBNQA award.

Background of the Company

Mesa Products Inc. is a small private business that manufactures, designs, and installs cathodic systems of protection that prevent the corrosion of metal surfaces. The company was incorporated in 1979 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1984, the company began marketing meters, corrosion instrumentation, and their suppliers. This expanded to a single line of corrosion control products which included sacrificial anodes, among other accessories. This company has its products in other regions of the world. It also has millions of clients who became part of them after the formation of the two Mesa companies in 1999. It is noteworthy that the company supplies its products to more than 750 clients, and its services are perceived as the best compared to the companies that produce similar products.

The Mesa Company earns more than $25 million with a workforce of seventy. The company increased its sales from the year 1985 to 2006. This led to its acknowledgment of the MBNQA business award. During this period, this company increased its sales from $2million in 1985 to more than $25million in the year 2006. Research findings have indicated that the company increased its sales due to gains within the market share. These indicate the incomes which result from its competitors, as well as other business activities.

Business Excellence Model Used

The Mesa Company used the MBNQA award as a business model after performing well in its business activities. As noted earlier, the model applies to organizations that progress in their venture for not less than seven years. It is noted that this company improved its market share as well as its gains after stiff competition from other companies (Eskilden, 2001). The company is also noted to use globalization tactics and strategies to prevail in the production industry. Researchers have indicated that the company’s return on equity exceeded its competitors by 20% in the years 1999 and 2005. This is a way of striving for sound business practices, to achieve the business excellence award and gain more benefits from the government and its numerous clients (Orr, 2007).

The excellence model used by this company is a model of motivation to the employees of the company as well as the company directors and managers. For instance, when the company was mentioned among the best companies in the US in the year 2012, its clients increased their confidence in the company’s products. The employees also must have had some increments in their salaries to increase their efforts.

Alternatively, the Mesa Company received its MBNQA awards in the years 2006 and 2012. This indicates that the company had made efforts in its activities to qualify for the award, as well as worked to fulfill its objectives (Eskilden, 2001). In addition, this business excellence model enables organizations to strive for the best results since the Mesa Company is noted to apply for the award, and thereafter work towards achieving it again.

The Mesa Company chose the MBNQA model due to its effectiveness. First, it is noted that the award is given to the companies and organizations that perform well or maintain success amid stiff competition from other companies. This is witnessed from the production of quality products as well as the provision of excellent services (Fernandez-Mesa, Alegre-Vidal, Chiva-Gomez, & Gutierrez-Gracia, 2013). Alternatively, organizations that apply for this award are viewed by a relevant board of examiners that ensures that the company produces high-quality products.

This also depends on the previous performance of the organization and its achievement in the previous works. For a company to qualify to apply for the MBNQA award, it should meet prescribed requirements. Researchers have indicated that the Mesa Company had excellent leadership that led to the progress of the entire company. This appraisal is reflected in the upper management that leads the organization to the right path. It also had strategic planning techniques. This determines how the organization establishes and plans for the strategic directions.

The Mesa Company used the MBNQA business model in the client and market focus segment, which indicates how the organization builds and maintains lasting and strong relationships with its clients. For a business to qualify within the requirements of this business model, it should have the capability to work tirelessly to achieve higher benefits. It is for these reasons that the organization or company can qualify for the business model awards. The Mesa Company struggled through the operation of a single product, to numerous products as well as the installation at more companies.

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These led to the widespread knowledge of the product to other countries, a condition that led to stronger competition from its competitors. The company also ensured that it had analyzed, measured, and had the knowledge of management as it is a mandate to qualify for the application of the MBNQA business model. This also includes how the organization uses information in the course of its activities as well as the data from its calculations as a support base in performance management.

Researchers have indicated that the MBNQA business model encompasses a human resource focus. This is reflected in the manner in which the organization involves its workforce and empowers it. For instance, studies indicate that the Mesa Company involved its workforce in the joy of its excellence after the MBNQA award. This is a way of motivating its workforce and ensuring that they participate actively in the activities of the entire company (Rusjan, 2005). In addition, how the company designs, manages and improves its organization is a key factor in the success of any company, an aspect that highly depends on the business model selected. For instance, the MBNQA business model requires every company to work on its key processes.

The overall performance of an organization is essential for the organization’s level of award. For instance, the Mesa Company ensures that its performance results lead to the attraction of customers, as well as customers’ satisfaction. This model is preferred by numerous companies because it is acknowledged by the government. In addition, the finances, operations, partners, and suppliers' performance, governance, and social responsibility, as well as how the organization compares to its competitors, are important to achieve excellence in the performance of the organization. It is noted that a company that does not strive to improve its operations, including the mentioned aspects is not likely to succeed (Rusjan, 2005). Organizations that compare themselves to others whilst competing for quality and excellent products often find themselves among the leading companies in the area of awards, just as noted in the case of the Mesa Company.

Critical Analysis

On the other hand, the Mesa Company is faced with numerous challenges that hinder it from becoming a large company. As noted from the previous contexts, this company is rated among the small companies. Its advancement to the next level of progress is determined by the manner, in which activities are performed, as well as products, services, and the delivery mechanisms of the products and services. The Mesa Company concentrates on the provision of technical services, as well, not bearing in mind that not all clients can operate with its unique products (Rusjan, 2007).

The MBNQA business model has several benefits as noted in the above context. First, it is noted that, after the Mesa Company had applied for the award, it had the chance to prevail in numerous countries across the world. The company also received additional clients after receiving the MBNQA award; which is rated as an international award. The used business model is vital to the success of any organization since (as noted) it can lead to the advancement of an organization. Therefore, it is noteworthy that the Mesa Company adopted one of the business excellence models since it led to the progress of its activities as well as services. It also increased its fame through the award as noted in the previous paragraphs.

Consequently, the Mesa Company needs to adopt various strategies and techniques to advance from the level of a small business to a larger one. To improve its performance, the company should focus on its initial product and ensure that it prevails in the international market. Secondly, the company should market its products at a wider range through the construction of other companies in other regions of the world. This will enable the products to reach a larger market compared to the present condition (Spong & Collard, 2008).

In addition, the company should build a secure network with its clients to ensure that it has a market for its products. It should also look for a client base that will enable it to distribute its gas, form pipeline transmission companies, equipment distributors, and contractors. The extra markets from abroad should also encompass the need in the company’s products, to move to another level of progress as affirmed by Leonard & McAdam, (2002).

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Example of Company Research Paper Conclusion

Business excellence models have been noted to improve the activities of an organization to a substantial level. This is noted from the operations of the Mesa Company, which emerged from a small company to a larger one compared to its beginning. From the competition that the company faced winning the MBNQA award, it is noted that companies ought to have strategic measures and set their goals to achieve them. This is reflected in the manner in which the Mesa Company applied for the mentioned business excellence model and thereafter worked towards obtaining the award once again. Therefore, the company learned that its size did not hinder it from attaining its success. As a result of the performance of this company, it is noted that companies need to apply for activities that move them to the next level as depicted from the above context.

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