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Development of Small and Medium Businesses in Kazakhstan

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Development of Businesses in Kazakhstan


The article under review covers the development of small and medium businesses in Kazakhstan, their stimulation and development. It is stated that small and medium businesses are the fundamental base, which plays a vital role in the state economy. The article reveals the main problems of this sector, and also describes the measures taken by the Head of State to support business legally, in particular, the introduction of a moratorium on inspections of small and medium-sized businesses.

It has been stated that during the years of independence the country has gained a basis for the welfare state. Kazakhstan has already achieved the quality social development level of Central European countries. It is evident due to the constantly rising living standards. However, the article emphasizes the need to find ways to balance the provision of public goods and economic success. It is essential to show citizens how to use prosperity and stability.

Review of Kazakhstan's Social Modernization by Nazarbayev

The author finds it to be the primary task of socio-economic modernization in Kazakhstan. The article suggests the idea that the whole world is convinced of the disastrous outcomes of the ideology of consumption. Nazarbayev claims that it initiated massive social dependence and is considered to be one of the key causes of the global crisis. However, this idea is false and there are numerous opportunities to find a constructive alternative. In the case of Kazakhstan, this alternative is the idea of the Universal Society of Labor.

In the article, N. Nazarbayev points out that living in the industrial-innovative economy today’s society should adapt to its independent life and active work. He compares the influence of small and medium-sized businesses on the economy in developed countries, where they make a significant contribution to GDP, with fostering to develop this sector in Kazakhstan as well. The article underlines the main steps towards this aim: creating a favorable business climate in the country, improving legal framework, reducing taxes, simplifying starting business procedures, offering financial and non-financial support. Many organizations are ready to help people in opening their businesses.

The National Bank of Kazakhstan

Such as the National Bank of Kazakhstan which provides sufficient capital; the “Damu” fund which supports 17 different programs and finances more than 11.8 thousand entrepreneurs. The most important step to support and encourage entrepreneurship was the introduction of the moratorium which prohibits routine checks of the small and medium-sized business sectors, with some exceptions till the end of 2014. Since 2015 the Presidential decree cancels all scheduled inspections of business. Thanks to these measures, small and medium businesses have been gaining interest in Kazakhstan.

The author provides his short career path to show the changes that have happened in the country. He claims that nowadays work is the main factor in the context of global competition. The country requires social modernization that presupposes a clear understanding of all potential risks. All citizens, including all civil servant ranks, should be aware of modernization and its implementation. It is essential to take into consideration the fact that social and economic modernization is synchronous. In addition, it is evident from the international experience that the modernization process is usually accompanied by the increased citizens’ activities and their creative potential disclosure. It will effectively enhance people’s desire to unite their efforts and defend freedom. Finally, the process of social modernization in the country is initiated by the state.

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Effective Model of Social-Labor Relations

The article suggests the idea that it is essential to make society understand that the state should not be treated as an endless partner and donor, which creates favorable conditions for the growth of citizens’ welfare. Nazarbayev advises to adopt and enforce laws and rules that will help prevent, manage, and resolve conflict. In addition, it will improve the entire social relations system. It is also essential to develop and implement a strong system of quality standards for the professional and social qualifications of the country. An effective model of social-labor relations should be based on sound arrangements of partnership presupposing professional, public, and private associations.

It is emphasized that the Kazakhs should develop self-organization, modernizing the civil society institutions. It is considered to be an effective tool for the implementation of people’s social initiatives. The author states that there is a necessity in increasing the information content related to the social life of the Kazaks. It will help expand Internet technology opportunities enabling them to receive citizens’ feedback regarding the state and make changes. In addition, the article suggests that it is vital to create favorable conditions for middle-class growth and the development of the creative class.

Moreover, Nazarbayev speaks about overcoming the phenomena of social dependency and the introduction of work motivation. The establishment of an effective government in the country is an essential aspect of modernization. However, there is a need to build a strong control system of social processes and increase the professional level of managers and experts. The author claims that the success of the modernization process is closely related to the principle of shared responsibility, evolution principle, the principle of shared responsibility, partnership participation principle, incentive principle, and the principle of professionalism.

Even though the article provides facts that prove improvements in this economical sector in recent years, it also analyses the problems of doing business in Kazakhstan nowadays. The author suggests some possible challenges which people can face while starting their own business: quite complicated procedure of registration and issuance of permits; illegal actions of government officials; weak advocacy for legislation. However, the main drawback of this article is that the author does not investigate its reasons thoroughly and refers only to the economic crisis in general.

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To sum up the main ideas of the article, we can say that the legal support of small and medium-sized businesses provided by the state sector will be an effective measure and real assistance for every person who is going to start his own business. Nowadays, the country has constantly increasing potential and economic conditions to establish high social standards of life quality. The moratorium will allow businessmen to raise their professional knowledge and experience and will help small and medium businesses feel confident during any checks. This measure and the allocation of public funds for the development of entrepreneurship will give impetus to the growth of the Kazakhstan economy. It is one of the important steps on the way to make Kazakhstan one of the most developed countries in the world.

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