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Business Idea Research Paper

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Research Paper about Business Idea


Nobody would deny that experience in business very often plays an important role. That is why young and ambitious companies usually face a lot of obstacles on their way to success. Consequently, many enterprises fail at the very beginning and give up running any business at all. It diminishes the level of competition within a particular section of the business. In addition, it prevents new companies from the enthusiastic approach in management: they do not have any desire to invent something more sophisticated and efficient, which would contribute to the development of business practice.

In contrast, there are a lot of services and agencies which provide young specialists with the necessary knowledge and keep experienced ones informed. It is a set of courses, which young managers attend as classes in the university. They are organized in a flexible way, which allows combining work with attending the courses. Such courses are not efficient enough because businessmen are usually taught a certain theory without real and practical evidence of its usage.

That is why the Talent Retirement Agency can be a perfect substitution for the courses mentioned previously. The Talent Retirement Agency is a company, which provides businessmen with real experience in the field of business. The essence of the Talent Retirement Agency is based on the idea of retired workers sharing their experience with contemporary businessmen. In such a way, young businessmen will receive practical knowledge and tips on how to avoid possible mistakes, and retired workers will get an additional income from their pension.

Moreover, the Talent Retired Agency can suggest personal help to a particular company. Some of the retired workers will work only with that particular company and give practical advice about decision-making and any other relevant issues. Though such a service will help young specialists and support retired workers.

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The Business Industry

First of all, it is necessary to describe the general features of the Talent Retirement Agency as a representative of a certain section of the business. To begin with, the financial size of the agency is not willing to make huge profits; its incomes are at a mediocre level. It includes sectors of intellectual services and private business advice (accounting, management, the sometimes social side of the business, etc.). Consequently, the market is not developed too much and there is a lot of space for the incorporation of new forms of running this section of the business.

Therefore, there are no big competitors or potential regulators, who are willing to obtain this field of business. In addition, it can be underpinned by insufficient human supply. The major number of employed workers in the agency are retired people. Needless to say that quite a lot of retired business workers do not accept the offer to work in the agency on any basis. That is why the agency is not likely to gain a monopoly on the market. Moreover, it can be regarded by contemporary businessmen as an alternative to the usual business courses.

In contrast, the Talent Retirement Agency has a constant number of customers because the company’s body is keeping growing every single season. It can be explained by the evidence of many novice enterprises failing at the starting up phase of their business. That is why it is possible to say that the main source of the agency’s income is young businessmen who are seeking professional and experienced help. Furthermore, the number of businessmen looking for advice grows hand in hand with economic instability and global crises. Speaking about social issues affecting the performance of the Talent Retirement Agency, it is necessary to mention the number of graduates in business professions, which is not constant.

Some percentage gets employed by experienced companies, the rest graduates are trying to start their own business (and part of them is in the search of the help of the agency), and some give up business at all and find the other occupation. In such a way, the level of business education influences the work of the Talent Retirement Agency. Further, there is one more important point to be mentioned: the Talent Retirement Agency needs to be assessed with a certain certification of the quality of knowledge provided by the agency. Moreover, it should be legal proof of the retired workers, who have a big experience of working in the field of business.

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The Market

Speaking about the market of this business section, it is to be said that it is not a competitive field, even though the need for professional help is quite widespread among the new enterprises and companies. In recent years, the market has been developed due to various reasons, like global crises and political changes, but it is still a field for incorporating revolutionary innovations of running this section of the business. The target market customers are mainly young and inexperienced businessmen who are looking for additional sources of practical knowledge and advice. Some customers comprise experienced businessmen who just want to keep themselves informed about potential mistakes and models, which are probably applicable to their own business.

Financially, the market is not very huge; it just earns some amount of money and is regarded as an additional intellectual service for businessmen. In contrast, the Talent Retirement Agency is willing to obtain a meaningful percentage of total market income: it has an original approach of work with customers and effective outcomes for customers who attend the agency regularly. On the other hand, there is a huge lack of experienced businessmen. So, as it was mentioned before, many novice enterprises fail.

That is why ambitious businessmen are looking for verified sources of practical knowledge to cope with starting up difficulties and gain a certain success. Moreover, the competitive advantage of the agency is sharing the real experience, which the retired workers faced. By providing a variety of practical examples, analyzing certain business situations, and discussing the relevant experience, the agency supports young specialists with all the necessary knowledge.

Consequently, businessmen receive a practical understanding of business issues, have regular access to practical advice of any kind, and will be able to proceed with running their business on their own. Furthermore, the Talent Retirement Agency is a unique organization, and it is exclusive, so that it may redraw some attention of businessmen from the mainstream business courses. In addition, the agency has a certificate, which proves the quality and relevancy of suggested knowledge. All retired workers have legal documents, which evidence they're having faced a certain experience in the field of business of various sections. Unfortunately, having such an advantage, the agency is not likely to be widened because according to the recent forecasts, the market will not be developed too much and external factors will not affect it so deeply.


To begin with, it is necessary to say that the chosen market is not very competitive. There is a wide range of companies suggesting business courses for beginners and experienced businessmen. It is difficult to judge, which of the companies obtain a major part of the market. In general, the market is divided approximately into equal parts between the companies. That is why there is a suitable situation for the Talent Retirement Agency to invade the current competitive situation. In contrast to it, drastic changes are not expected. The agency is just to become a good alternative to the mainstream kind of intellectual service for businessmen.

In addition, it is necessary to mention the so-called ‘indirect competition’. There are a lot of factors, which also aimed at the same target market. There can be other enterprises that establish a partnership with a promising company, or some scientific or educational establishment, which takes the responsibility to conduct certain business research. As it was mentioned previously, the Talent Retirement Agency provides its customers with a unique service of sharing the essential business experience from the retired workers who faced various difficulties on their own.

Comparing with the theoretical course, which provides other companies, the agency has the advantage of more applicable content. Practical evidence and knowledge are much more sufficient than a theory. It does not presuppose the usage of knowledge in a real situation, while practical skills can be easily applied. Speaking about the degree of difficulty of entering the market, it should be admitted that it would be a challenging phase of running the agency. Even though the effect of deceived expectancy will play an important role, the reaction of the customers is considered to be neutral:

  • some will trust such an approach;
  • some will keep attending the mainstream courses.

In contrast to it, the agency regards itself as an alternative to the major types of courses, so such a position means strong determination to obtain a monopoly in the market. Meanwhile, the sales of the competitors are remaining steady because of the lack of innovations and competitive companies, which are going to possess the biggest part of the market incomes. In addition, trends within business science have not changed drastically in recent years so that the quality and level of the provided knowledge stay the same for years. Consequently, competitors are to be confused with the unexpected appearance of the Talent Retirement Agency. It may seem that reaction is expected to be strong, but inadequate. Needless to say that such a scenario is desirable for the agency.


Speaking about the impact of technologies on the Talent Retirement Agency, it is to be said that there is no reason to consider technologies as an important aspect. The service which provides the agency is based on human matter. The use of hardware and software is regarded as additional and usually means some support for better comprehension of the content suggested in the class. All in all, the main resource is the human one, presented as a shared experience in the business field. Therefore, it is needless to say that some new and emerging technologies will influence the performance of the agency.

Moreover, there is no point to consider the developing trends in business as a threat to the quality of the knowledge provided by the agency. It can be explained by the universal character of business knowledge. The basic mistakes and tips are typical for any period of development of the business sphere. That is why the experience of retired workers is easily applicable to the current situation in the world of business. On the contrary, without any technologies, the performance of the Talent Retirement Agency will not be sufficient. Without providing graphical examples and figures, interactive analysis of models, and so on, the customers are not able to comprehend the content appropriately, and the core idea of the agency will lose its primary sense.

As it was admitted before, the experience of the retired workers can be applied as the universal character to contemporary business situations. In addition, it means that the agency is not vulnerable even to the most drastic changes in the sphere of business. The knowledge about how to stay resilient to the changes is also part of the experience, which the retired workers have gained. Another problem is the changes in economics. In case they are positive, at least according to the agency, the agency will have to be ready to cope with the flow of new customers, hire new staff, widen the area and provide it with more equipment and software.

If the changes are vice versa, the Talent Retirement Agency is to be ready to cope with the crisis and instability of the customer flow. That is why the agency needs additional equipment and hardware for being ready to manage its performance properly. In contrast, the agency is likely to resist changes because the majority of the staff comprises experienced business workers who are retired now.

Socio-Political Environment

The practical knowledge approach is an advantage of the Talent Retirement Agency, especially in the contemporary tendency to practical thinking. In general, an individual, which is rationally thinking, flexible and resilient has more chances to get better career prospects than the one who has deep knowledge of the subject but does not know how to operate them in the real situation. Therefore, it is possible to say that attitude to such an approach is expected to be positive because it fulfills the requirements of modern business.

On the other hand, the customers of the agency will not be able to receive the necessary knowledge about the development of their models and strategies. The agency provides its customers with such knowledge, but it does not give such a deep mathematical background. Though, the approach mentioned above can be objected to only by scrupulous scholars. In general, it is to be said that due to its originality, the Talent Retirement Agency is likely to get its customer section very quickly.

Moreover, the agency is tending to be flexible and helpful for every single customer. It was mentioned previously that the agency suggests individual help to the businessmen and provides them with the advice of experts, which are focused currently only on the company of the customer. In addition, the customers can ask for help and advice online or by telephone, which is available nine to five.

It is also necessary to admit that the agency can also be affected by some state regulations or laws. For instance, the agency can go bankrupt because of the governmental requirement for businessmen to get their knowledge improved and assessed on a legal basis. The service which the Talent Retirement Agency suggests will be still the allowed one, but nobody will be interested in it. The majority of businessmen will be going to get a certificate of the national standard. The other possible threat to affect the performance of the agency is global issues. Crisis or economic instability is to have a dubious effect on the agency.

First, in the case of economic instability, more businessmen will be looking for help and advice. Second, the tax rate will be increased so that the agency is no longer in a beneficial position, even though it has a customer flow. Another issue is a case of natural disasters or any other emergency. In this case, the Talent Retirement Agency will be affected and behave in the same way as any other average medium business company.

Marketing Mix

First of all, it is necessary to describe the content, which the Talent Retirement Agency provides for the customers. The agency suggests a special business course, which is based on the sharing of experience of retired business workers. The quality of the content is legally proved by the appropriate legal documents. Currently, the service is not branded, but it does not mean poor quality. The chain of agencies is located in the hot spots of business centers and possibly weak areas. It is explained by a high number of starting up companies and widespread failures of inexperienced businessmen in the areas, which face special difficulties with running a private business.

Speaking about the pricing, it will be the same as other services have because the main strategic advantage is not the prices, but the quality of the provided services. The ability to compete with other companies is expected to be achieved through an excellent performance of the staff. The customers will attend more effective courses for the same money. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the actual expenses of the Talent Retirement Agency are lower than in competitive companies.

It is needless to say that the agency needs clever promotion and advertising. The most reasonable way to advertise the agency is to present the company to its employees. Retired businessmen will be evaluating their experience in the previous companies and emphasize the practical character of the knowledge, which the Talent Retirement Agency suggests. It would be reasonable to start an advertising company at the beginning of graduation season so that recently graduated businessmen can start their further improvement right after leaving their educational establishment.

In addition, access to the services will be both on an online and phone call basis. It will provide customers with more flexibility and insurance to get help or advice at any possible time. Speaking about actual attendance of the courses, the meetings (there will be neither lessons nor classes; the courses are regarded as discussion groups) will be held three times a week without any respect for the subject of discussion. The groups are divided according to the subjects and terms of the course. By the end of the course, each customer will receive a test assignment of a practical character. It is necessary to mention, that test assignments will be personally created for every customer so that they will be able to apply new knowledge to their actual business.

Facilities and Assets

Facilities for the agency are designed by a plan of simple two-stored buildings so that the first floor is for the administration area and the second is for meetings, seminars, presentations, and so on. The facility itself does not require a lot of reconstruction and adjustments. The main requirement for it is to have enough space and light. Moreover, the facility does not need to have any resemblance to the office; the customers should not associate courses with their work, even though they are directly related to it. The facility does not require a lot of material or special equipment for the effective work of the agency. The minimum of equipment can be enumerated by computers, multimedia blackboards, and domain server controllers for storing the data for discussions.

As was described previously, the main resource of the agency comprises the experience of retired workers. They are to be the central figure of discussions. Moreover, it is to be said that all the equipment is a possession of the Talent Retirement Agency, and the main branches of the agency are also the legal area of the agency, while smaller and remote branches are leased with a perspective to be owned as soon as possible. Speaking about the quality of equipment, it is up-to-date software and hardware. It meets all the requirements of certain standards and proves its high quality by actual efficient work. It is important to mention that for the agency it is not a big expense. As the agency does not need too much equipment, it can allow itself to get the most qualitative one and in such a way guarantee the appropriateness of supporting knowledge.

Taking it into consideration, it is needless to say that the Talent Retirement Agency is going to expand itself across the country and develop a monopoly chain. This desire is to be considered as a long-term one because there are many obstacles on the way to successfully start-up the business. To be more exact, the expansion is planned for the areas, which are potentially not popular with their industries. The Talent Retirement Agency will take on itself the responsibility for restringing the business in these locations. Therefore, it is possible to say that the agency takes into consideration global and national interests. Needless to say that according to the current business plan, the agency does not need any drastic changes in the budget or staff line-up. Any changes should be made only in case if the business plan fails or starts going wrong.

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Materials and Supplies

In the case of intellectual services, the main resource is human knowledge, so there are no actual suppliers for it. That is why it is necessary to describe the knowledge: how and by whom it will be delivered to the customers. As it is already known that the majority of the staff are retired business workers, it is needless to say that they are the main source of knowledge. The agency tries to hire just retired businessmen so that they are not going to deal with the business directly, but they are willing to share their experience to get some additional income. The number of such staff is not very high in fact.

The reason is simple: people have got tired of the business and do not want to deal with it anymore, even for a good salary and special benefits for them and their family. On the other hand, the staff, which is employed regularly, has a one hundred percent of confidence to give appropriate information to the customers; the quality of their knowledge is out of the question. Moreover, the majority of the hired staff has represented thriving enterprises and has gained certain personal success in the business career.

The other issue of the supplement is the objective of being introduced in relevant printed media. The chosen newspaper or magazine (with no difference, printed or online) is supposed to present the Talent Retirement Agency in a way, which tells the basic information about it. It is very important to note that it should not be an advertisement. It can be an article, which describes the agency as a phenomenon in the sphere of business education. It may depict the actual performance of the company, what type of business it represents, and what are the peculiar features of the agency.

If it is possible, the article is supposed to give an objective evaluation of the experience of the agency, assess its success on the market and give some recommendations, accordingly. Moreover, the media may tell about provided facilities, possible advantages and disadvantages of the agency, recommend it to the relevant target market and so forth. In addition, it is desirable to imply the need for the agency to find a suitable partner for cooperation to get expanded. All in all, the media has to provide the reader with the necessary basic information, but not advertise the agency.


As the facility structure is simple and the requirement for equipment is not very high, the overall preparation for starting up is estimated at approximately eight to twelve months. Such a long range of the estimated terms is explained by possible difficulties. These difficulties may be caused mainly by the financial weakness of the agency. It means that the Talent Retirement Agency lacks sufficient investments, and it is necessary to collect a certain financial basis for starting the actual construction of the facility and equipment purchase.

Furthermore, it is very important to choose the right area for the facility. It is supposed to meet the requirements of the plan and national standards of facilities for this section of the business. Needless to say that the facility is desired to be in good condition and exclude any possibility of an accident. In addition, the facility is highly recommended to be located in some suitable place so the customers can easily find it and get there in the shortest time possible.

In contrast, it would be difficult to hire the beginning line-up of staff. It was mentioned before that many retired businessmen do not have any desire to deal with business one more, and many of them are satisfied with their current income after retirement. That is why it is necessary to encourage retired workers to get employed with the help of additional benefits besides the salary.

For example, free vacation in the resort area or organizing family holidays, support in some domestic issues, etc. The main problem is not the salary but the means to keep staff motivated. As it is the retired workers, there is no point in the promotion or any other career competition. Consequently, the retired workers are looking for some material help, like free catering, discounts for gas or free access to the gym facility and so on.

Speaking about other operations concerning starting up the Talent Retirement Agency, it is important to mention that the equipment should be ordered the last. As the acquiring of the facility will take from eight to twelve months, there is a risk to start the business with already out-of-date hardware and software. That is why it is important to estimate the end of facility preparations and order the equipment accordingly. It should be also noted that in this case, the budget for the equipment has to be completed separately from the overall expenses on the acquisition of the facility.


As it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, retired workers are not interested in a high salary or career prospects. That is why they have to be supported with some household and daily help like free access to the catering and gym, entertainment and discounts for traveling, help with some domestic issues, etc.

Speaking about the required skills for the staff, it is needless to say that there should be the presence of some sufficient experience in the sphere of business. Moreover, staff should obtain skills in public speaking, leading a discussion, the ability to accept points of customers, etc. Employees need to be able to present their experiences in a clear and comprehensible way. As the company will be expanded, the current staff is expected to train the newly hired one. By that time it will develop a certain program of sharing the experience and training the newcomers. To avoid disorder in the performance of the major department and its recently opened branches, the training will be planned.

As soon as expansion terms are set, the Talent Retirement Agency will announce the interviews for new job positions in the opening branches of the agency. In addition, the training system will be designed hand in hand with the development of a business plan for the expanded branches of the agency. In addition, the training system will be tested out several times so that by the time of its actual incorporation it will be detailed and cleaned from any mishaps and mutually excluding aspects.

There is one more important point, which is necessary to mention. The responsibility for the relevancy of the shared experience is taken by the agency itself. In the case of customers’ complaints about inappropriate advice given by the representative of the agency, the retired worker is not penalized. In addition, in the case of individual work with a certain company, the retired worker communicates with a customer through the agency to prevent illegal agreements or forgery.

Moreover, the customer should report about everything related to the case. If the customer does not fulfill this requirement, the responsibility for failure is to be taken out of the agency. Needless to say that the Talent Retirement Agency ensures the customers about total privacy in case of the agency’s intervention into insight deals of the company. Furthermore, in case of failure of the customer’s company, the agency not only reimburses the costs for advice but also helps to restore the losses of the company.


The Talent Retirement Agency is a unique company, which helps young and ambitious businessmen. It provides its customers with practical knowledge about business and possible mistakes at the phase of starting up their own business. The core idea of the agency is to give the customers practical evidence of a wide range of business situations and real solutions to them. The staff of the agency consists mainly of retired business workers, who have experienced many difficulties and crucial situations during their careers. The courses are presented in a form of discussion groups, in which the retired workers share their experience and explain the practical usage of skills and knowledge they have gained. The Talent Retirement Agency differs from other courses by its practical approach, while mainstream courses suggest deep theoretical knowledge about the business.

Taking it into account, it is to be said that the Talent Retirement Agency is going to obtain a major position in the market of this kind of business. In addition, the competitors are not a real threat to the agency, the percentage of the market share is approximately equal among the competing companies. The practical approach is an obvious advantage of the agency, but it may be ruined by some regulatory laws, which can be adopted: the state requirement to all businessmen to be legally assessed with national certification. In such a way, the interest in additional courses will disappear. All in all, the Talent Retirement Agency is going to thrive in its sphere and prepared a long-term plan for expansion over the country. The further location of future branches is underpinned by the presence of potentially weak areas in a sense of private business.

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