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The Official Language of the USA

The language is the soul of every country. Without it, the country lacks the element which can unite all its inhabitants. That is why, I am firmly confident that English should be the official language of the United States of America.

Firstly, the introduction of the official language will bring many benefits for the solidarity of people. If everyone speaks the same language, it will give him the feeling of belonging to one particular country, and because of it is a push to work for  the prosperity of his nation.  Moreover, it will help people to gain a cultural identity and reduce the number of ethnic and racial conflicts.

On the other hand, many people believe that assimilation will not bring them any benefits, because unique cultural backgrounds are the qualifiers of who they are. In my opinion, it will not cause any problems, as ratification of one official language does not mean that others should disappear.

Secondly, official English will provide more chances for immigrants. They will have the opportunity to get good jobs and education just by learning an official language instead of great amount of its variants (African- American English, Latino American English and so on).

Finally, USA government spends a lot of money on multilingual problems. The unification of one language will help to reduce the cost of printing materials in one or different variants of the language. Although, it does not make people whose native language is not English feel any discomfort. The requirement will be only to learn a unified variant of English to communicate with English-speaking people and perform official deals

To sum up, American English has to be the official language of the USA in order to provide the union of all residents, give more chances for immigrants and save government from spending money on multilingual programs.

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