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Presentation Summary

Racialization in the Media is one of the important issues to discuss in modern society. For media organizations is necessary to find the point of effective understanding and responding between them and the audience. That is why Sixth College Video Production provided the series of lectures about Racialization in the Media.

I was lucky enough to see the videos of these lectures. Famous and award winning Cambodian rapper, praCh Ly introduced some issues November 15 at the Sixth College lodge.

These lectures aim to show the impact of mass media on shaping race, gender, sexuality and other forms of personal identity. praCh Ly as one of the greatest representatives of the rap world described in his presentation influence of the history and culture on his occupation and explained the combination and interaction of his rap with these issues. He also spoke on censorship, freedom of expression, corruption and abuse of power.

In my opinion, the words of person can be proved only by his deeds. That is why the greatest influence on me has had praCh Ly’s songs.  I strongly believe that his music not only entertains but also educates. Through masterful lyrics of powerful rap music, he teaches young and old about the Cambodian genocide and life in the Cambodian community. Some words of his song have given me the inspiration to love my nation and work on its prosperity.   Moreover, he is a real example of a very successful person who is on the top of the music world because of his natural talent and heart of gold.

To sum up, praCh Ly has performed not only a perfect lecture about Racialization in the media, but also by his meaningful lyrics has given the sense of inspiration for all students. As for me, he is a great example of person who loves his country through thick and thin. 

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